Unlocking the safe.

It’s time to start talking about more of the things that really make us who we are, in-depth, and not in 140-character format.

when an app isn’t an app

in 2009, i was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma. i turned to twitter as my outlet. i was able to connect with folks and ask for help, take…

seriously, ama

on monday (3/9/15) , i’ll be doing an AMA on reddit titled: “I’m getting an Auto Stem Cell Transplant AMA”

it’ll be at 3pm ET/12pm PT


my stem cells are now safely stored/frozen at UCSF, awaiting my return to the hospital.

getting them from me was quite a trip, one that most people probably don’t even know about. i’m not going to go into every detail but it kinda went like this:

day 1, 2, 3, 4: tons of chemo to kill whatever cancerous cells were left in me

Your Biggest Cheerleader

an awesome email that i got on 9/4/09 from kaylan. i read it every day until the blameathon because i was worried that i couldn’t stay up for 24 hours straight…since…

Trouble Me.

If you have a really bad day, listen to this and reach out to a friend. Or just trouble me. Depression isn’t a death sentence, it’s just another shitty illness.

Hallo EyeEm!


startups are everywhere. san francisco, philadelphia, seattle, new york city, la and more. i’ve been lucky enough to live and work in those places. i…

Her love’s bigger than her pain.

There is no love story without pain. And if the love was true, we all know how the end is going to be. 

Everything turns around her, she doesn't pay attention to anything nor to anyone, she sits in the corner, crying, feeling so lonely, wondering if he misses her as much as she does. It’s been awhile since the last time…

My best date ever: was so good, it hurt.

And it saved my life.

The only date I've ever been on. So far.

Stop talking — start listening!

- a bad date only talks about themselves!

Are you one of these companies that does nothing but brag and talk about yourself? Then…

An introvert’s love-hate affair with the word “social”

The question that I dreaded most in my childhood was — “Why can’t you be more social?

What is a community today?

Bringing back responsibility for others to truly share experiences so that others can enjoy them too.

Don’t Stay Silent When You Are Being Disrespected

About abuse, and standing up for yourself

How often do you try to brush it off when someone disrespects you…

The Girl who Cried Giraffe

The pros and cons of exaggeration

Sometimes when I look out the window of the bus on my way home to from school, I see giraffes. No, I’m…

Living the dream

Means hard work — the truth no one tells you!

I’m Anna, co-founder of McGunnMedia. Like many businesses, we didn’t just happen overnight, and we…

Looking through the keyhole

Corporate espionage

Every so often we see other businesses — our “competition” — featured in a magazine, television, newspaper or other…

New Startups always fail.

Getting in a knot!

The first thing that most new businesses fail at is… business. Whatever the product or service people are selling, the last…

the long road back.

how the aftermath of cancer can be just as worse as the actual cancer.

i’m about five years out of having hodgkins lymphoma and i’m still…

The Assassination of a Soul

The first time I saw someone killed I was 25 feet away.

I was in my early twenties and the two things I remember most, other than…

Would you say 22 is young? Or old?

Claiming our 20s

Years ago when I was still in junior high, I thought I was never going to get married before 30. In my young mind…

Recently, I picked up Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink” again

On the powers of thin-slicing

I first bought the book 4 years ago. It was one of those instant loves…

Unlocking the safe.
Unlocking the safe.

It’s time to start talking about more of the things that really make us who we are, in-depth, and not in 140-character format.

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