saddarSanam — verse 33

na vEdmyaham mAm uta vEdmyaham mAm 
iti pravAdo manujasya hAsyaH 
dRk-dRSya bhEdAt kim ayam dvidhAtmA? 
svAtmaikatAyAM hi dhiyAM na bhEdAH

“I don’t know myself” and “I know myself” 
such statements of a person are only funny
Are there two selves? one knowing and another known? 
The experience is of one self without any difference!

I do not know me. I know me. Such declarations of any person are funny and a matter of laughter. Is it not?

dRk - the seer; and dRSya - the seen; by differentiating, are there two selves? Everyone’s experience is one self. No one sees distinction between seer and seen self.

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