FOCUS by Usine IO acceleration program dedicated to Retail is on!

Meet the 12 innovative and ambitious international SMEs that made the cut for this batch

FOCUS by Usine IO is the only acceleration program dedicated to hardware companies hosted at StationF (Paris) — Every 4 months, we choose a new theme, a new partner pool, and scout new startups with one objective: shorten startups time to market by developing POCs with one or several of the program’s partners.

During this batch, Acrelec, Décathlon, L’Oréal, Nespresso, SNCF Retail & Connexions et VisionHub will work closely with them.

Akoustic Arts

Tagline: The “A” by Akoustic Arts is a revolutionary directional speaker.
Hashtags: #directionalsound #nosoundpollution #soundexperience
Country: France

“The directional speaker « A » creates a very precise beam of sound in which you can play your audio contents without additional noise. Thanks to the « A », you will be able to add audio contents to your screens, multiply your sound contents in the very same room without sound pollution, create an immersive bubble around any object for an augmented experience, revolutionize your customer journey, offer an alternative to the headphones, make your audio information more accessible.” said Myriam Marcetteau, in charge of development at Akoustic Arts.

Tagline: No stock-outs, no waiting lines.
Hashtags: #deeptech #retail #computervision
Country: France

“We use advanced computer sensing technologies to detect operational anomalies all over the shops, in real time.” said Aurélien Moreau, Co-founder at


Tagline: Video intelligence platform for hyperlocal intelligence discovery.
Hashtags: #VideoIntelligence #onpremiseAI #enterpriseAI #OneSuite
Country: India

“Our Retail Video intelligence platform helps retailers in two ways. Firstly, business intelligence by understanding consumer insights, operational efficiency, improved productivity, purchase and non-purchase drivers, the performance of aisles and departments, marketing effectiveness, conversion etc. Secondly with monitoring. Autonomous surveillance for asset protection such as face recognition of shoplifters, automatic attendance and verification of staff, POS pilferage, unintentional theft, intrusion, loitering, abnormal behavior etc.“ said Kanishka Nithin, CEO and Founder at Cognitifaï.


Tagline: Goodbag is an interactive loyalty program through a shopping bag.
Hashtags: #retail #loyalty #sustainability
Country: Austria

“Goodbag combines a smart reusable shopping bag with a loyalty program that rewards users for bringing their own bag to the store. Unlike most loyalty programs Goodbag rewards the user not only for their consumption but also for their sustainable actions. Therefore Goodbag creates a unique customer experience that enables retailers and their customers to interactively protect the environment together to increase customer loyalty and retention.
Our loyalty program works through an NFC chip that is integrated into our bags. To access their discounts all the users need to do is to scan their bag with their phone or directly at the point of sale. “ said Christoph Hantschk, CEO and Founder of Goodbag.


Tagline: Space & Energy, everywhere for every use.
Hashtags: #inergeen, #cubeen, #cubox
Country: France

“Cubox and Cubeen are two outdoor space solutions, energy self-sufficient and eco-friendly. Thanks to solar energy, they can supply many services: IT, digital display, refrigerated showcase, and whatever customer needs.
Dismountable and mobile, solutions are easy and fast mounting. Modular, Cubeen fit well with whatever surface and layout required. “ said Olivier Kerrec, CEO and Founder at Inergeen.

MAD Gaze

Tagline: MAD Gaze is an augmented reality smart glasses dedicated to retail.
Hashtags: #augmentedreality #smartglasses #wearable
Country: Hong-Kong

“With similar functionalities of a smartphone, MAD Gaze AR smart glasses can display 3D objects and information overlaid on the real surroundings, and most importantly to keep your sight at first-person-view (FPV) and free your hands to perform other tasks. From business client to consumers, and especially tech lover, many of them find this high-tech product and its functionalities fascinating and helpful in everyday life.” said Chelsea Miu, Brand Director at MAD Gaze.


Tagline: Memomi is the digital mirror leader and a high-end service provider of Augmented & Virtual Reality on multi-device for the most demanding Retailers.
Hashtags: #ARVR #Digitalmirror #Retail
Country: USA

“Memomi is the digital mirror leader and a high-end service provider of Augmented & Virtual Reality on multi-device for the most demanding Retailers.” said Romain Daumont, General Manager at Memomi.


Tagline: Meotion is a retail-as-a-service solution.
Hashtags: #phygital #influence #data
Country: France

“Meotion brings a new business model to the retail industry to make stores more attractive and innovative. Retailers won’t buy to sell products, they are now paid to expose them and be expert. Meotion is a collaborative service platform for commerce connecting brands and physical retail stores coupled with a connected physical tracking technology transforming any store into a showroom to monetize every customer/product interaction by fairly redistributing a customer’s purchase amount.” said Emeric Delalandre, Founder at Meotion.


Tagline: ShopnGo enhances the travel experience.
Hashtags: #retail #innovativeconcept #dontwaithavefun
Country: France

“We have built an AI-powered algorithm that matches travelers’ trip context with offers and experiences. Our goal is to enhance the travel and the retail experience by leveraging digital technologies. For example, if your plane is late, ShopnGo will suggest a range of exclusive offers on duty-free products and animations.” said Sandra Platano, CEO and co-founder at ShopnGo.


Tagline: SkyBoy c’est une technologie exclusive, l’Overlap Reality®.
Hashtags: #OverlapReality #Storytelling #waouheffect
Country: France

“Skyboy invented Overlap Reality®, a new generation of fully immersive experiences at the crossroad of art, technology and staging to allow a visitor to enhance their awareness of the space they’re in. SkyBoy is a unique solution to help brands step into a new generation of retail tools; the user is transposed into a place’s backstage and this magic experience feeds their emotional bond to the showcased brand.” said Vincent Burgevin, Founder at SkyBoy.


Tagline: SmartPixels help you design, sell and produce customized products.
Hashtags: #SmartPixels
Country: France

“We develop interactive customization solutions. We unite expert 3D artists, developers & experience designers to create dynamic design applications.
Our solutions benefit your customization offer every step of the way, through client-facing interactive experiences, online configurators, while producing accurate manufacturing files & consumer data. Combined with artistic & educative animations our experiences catch the customers’ attention, spark impactful conversations and boosts user-generated content.” said Dorian Schnepp, Design Engineer at SmartPixels.


Tagline: Collaborative AI Workflows.
Hashtags: #collectiveintelligence #collaborative #AI
Country: France

“We offer technological solutions to develop bespoke collaborative workflows providing superior access to information, augmented intelligence and unique user experience.” said Olivier de Cointet, CEO and Founder at Southpigalle.

Some key figures about FOCUS :

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12 selected startups
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8 French startups
A mix of hardware & software-focused startups

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