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On the high rise: welcome Arms &McGregor

Utrust’s first real estate merchant is also our first merchant based in the Middle East.

The real estate industry is worth a whopping $712 Trillion worldwide. If that wasn’t reason enough for Utrust to want to explore that vertical, 75% of it is estimated to be relative to residential properties. These are two numbers that help justify why we were so demanding of our next merchant. We wanted someone dynamic, with a great track record, that would bring this gargantuan market into our ecosystem with criteria and care.

Arms &McGregor are leaders

Arms &McGregor are based in Dubai, where the luxury real estate market is massively valuable. Between November 2018 and November 2019, 44,500 real estate transactions were completed. November 2019 alone saw deals worth AED9.27bn ($2.5bn) registered, making it the best month of a year that had already registered AED76.6bn ($20.9bn) in transactions. And Arms &McGregor, who have over 10 years of sustained success in this market, is at the forefront of this, with a personalized service that puts the clients’ needs first in property sales, new development marketing, leasing, and property management services.

In the words of Makram Hani, CEO of Arms &McGregor:

“A collaboration between Utrust & Arms & McGregor International Realty will open a whole world of real estate to cryptocurrency holders. We plan to get every developer, seller and fellow real estate agent selling properties to cryptocurrency holders worldwide. We are in advanced stages of communication with developers and multi-unit owners to get them to join our system and benefit from our collaboration with Utrust. We will allow sellers access to the liquidity offered in the crypto market without them needing to deal with any of the risks of volatility or challenges of not being familiar with cryptocurrencies, seeing as sellers can receive their funds instantly in a fiat currency of their choice.”

Now, whether you want to buy or sell a property using crypto, they will be providing that service too.

Acknowledging what the future means

Arms &McGregor have built their brand on constant innovation and foreseeing the needs of the market. They have a client-first mentality, and by trying to create an individual approach for every customer, they have always strived to be ahead of the curve. That means embracing digital currencies. At Utrust, we were ready to welcome them to our portfolio.

Our CEO, Sanja Kon, added:

“Utrust wants to be a global company, and a key aspect of our product is the fact that it’s borderless. This means we want to be bold and explore every market available to us. Welcoming Arms &McGregor means entering both the real estate market, the middle east and a new B2B solution in the company of innovative and experienced partners.”

Continuing to build our ecosystem as Utrust grows

Entering 2020, we are more ambitious than ever. You may have heard that Utrust is growing from startup to full scaleup, and there have been plenty of changes. Sanja Kon is our intrepid new CEO, and there’s a whole new leadership structure. We’ve also just published our new roadmap, and a very significant part of how we will grow has to do with our ecosystem. Throughout 2020, we’ll be onboarding many new merchants, and automating that process. Arms &McGregor are yet another phenomenal merchant, who will help us explore a whole new vertical, and we’re just getting started. So whether you’re a merchant, and thinking of accepting digital currencies, or if you’re just someone who wants to empower their money with their might, the timing couldn’t be better. Just go here, and join this revolution.

The future is coming.




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