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Empowering engineers to solve complex problems — creators of TypeDB and TypeQL.
Note from the editor

Grakn Labs is a team of people driven by a purpose: to solve the world’s most complex problems, through knowledge engineering. We are the inventors of the Grakn knowledge graph and the Graql query language. Our technology helps organisations in various industries, including Life Sciences, Defence & Security, Financial Services and Robotics, to build intelligent systems that will change the world. From financial analytics to drug discovery, cyber threat detection to robotics disaster recovery, our technology empowers engineers around the world to tackle a higher order of complexity in knowledge, and solve the world’s most complex problems.

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Founder & CEO
Haikal Pribadi
Computer Scientist, Founder and CEO of Grakn Labs
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Tomas Sabat
Grakn Warrior @GraknLabs | Machine Learning, Knowledge Graphs and AI.
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Daniel Crowe
Small Pieces Loosely Joined | Global Community and Partnerships Manager @ Vaticle
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Ganeshwara Herawan Hananda
Core Software Engineer at Grakn Labs, London. My work is centered around distributed systems / clustering.
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James Fletcher
Principal Scientist at GRAKN.AI. Researching the intelligent systems of the future, enabled by Knowledge Graphs.
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Mason Powers
Grakn Labs' Head of Commercial - introducing global markets to the power of Grakn & Graql.