Esports Fight Club Tournament Site Updates!

Aug 5, 2020 · 4 min read

Based on the findings from our first pro player tournaments and input from our esports team, Verasity has evaluated the best features available on current tournament sites worldwide, and are building a new integrated platform to become the best in its class. By the end of the month the site will add new tournaments and expand games to include LOL, Valorant and PUBG (the current pause was necessary to rebuild certain parts of the site).

Send a tweet to us at @VerasityTech with other major esport titles you would like us to add!

The Esports Fight Club tournament site will offer dynamic functionalities that common esports tournament sites lack. Our users already benefit from the unique jackpot feature and are able to create their own tournaments with cut-cloth rules. Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming unique functionalities roadmapped:

  • Esports Fight Club will have its own team’s tournament map veto functionality displayed on the user’s match information (very useful for FPS genre esports titles such as CSGO or Valorant). This feature will reduce the tournament creators’ workload and guarantees a smoother experience for participants, partners and tournament owners.
  • From an organiser’s perspective, getting the correct information about tournament attendees can be quite challenging. Not for Esports Fight Club organisers! User’s actions are rewarded by a website token system that will give players an incentive to help out both the tournament admin side and the platform. For example: uploading the screen of a certain match result after a dispute or adding more contact details to their profile will give them access to more tournaments, more content and prizes.
  • Last but not least, a major feature currently lacking from most tournament websites, will be the ability for users and teams to “Check-in” and show that they are “ready” on D-day, before entering the server and playing. This feature will prevent a lot of no-shows, extra waiting time and tournament organisers’ headaches!

While a few tournament creation websites offer mostly user based experiences (Battlefy, ESLplay or Mogul), Esports Fight Club is the first platform to fully focus on both the organiser’s and player’s ecosystem for a shared and competitive journey.

See what we are building this Q3 below:



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