Meet Our Newly Added Talents to Verasity’s Esports Fight Club Team

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4 min readAug 10, 2020


Marko Pavuna — Head of Esports

Starting as an esports fan in 2005 and playing CS 1.5, Marko’s esports career skyrocketed after the release of CS:GO as did his presence on the large European esports scene. After spending many years as a partnership manager, content guru and team CEO, he decided to specialize on new entrants to the market; esports users acquisition for brands and the organization of cut-cloth tournaments. He has a deep understanding of over 20 esports titles and has worked with hundreds of top tier streamers and esports personalities in Europe.

Notable stats :

  • Partnerships with over 80 esports top tier teams from 22 different countries over the past 4 years.
  • Organised the most cost-efficient Fortnite Online Minor tournament in history
  • Won the $100’000 Dreamhack 2019 Showdown with the first Female CSGO from traditional sport team Besiktas


Jan Moerland — Esports Fight Club In-Game & Social Media manager

Specialized in Esports Operations cumulating 8 years of professional experience in the field, this veteran has worked with the top leaders of the industry and AAA Game Studios (Ubisoft, Valve and Sony). He became an expert in building communities, handling tournament operations and event management. Whether Offline or Online Esport productions, he is known for his large scale events as an In-Game Director.

Notable stats :

  • 3 years as a senior Social Media manager for ESL focusing on FPS and Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Has managed more than 8000 Tournaments and seen 750000 Matches!
  • Grew the Rainbow Six League from 52 teams to 1200+


Sarvesh Deokar — Esports Fight Club Asian Manager and Regional Tournament Growth

Sarvesh specializes in community online events and level based market activities across APAC esports ecosystem. After curating more than 1200+ events in 120+ countries, Sarvesh took up live events and platform development to support the local ecosystem of new gaming audiences. He actively works with community projects to help them grow and reach the right audience. Sarvesh also works with many peace-keeping and conflict resolution groups to promote gaming.

Notable stats:

  • Founded Barcraft and vast networks including hundreds of Esports bars and venues around the world to synchronize Esports (mainly Starcraft, Street Fighter and Dota2) events all around the world.
  • Red Bull Esports made him the lead to organize dozens of tournaments across SEA/Oceania and to handle hundreds of influencers and e-Athletes for regional activations.




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