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Meet Our Newly Added Talents to Verasity’s Esports Fight Club Team

  • Partnerships with over 80 esports top tier teams from 22 different countries over the past 4 years.
  • Organised the most cost-efficient Fortnite Online Minor tournament in history
  • Won the $100’000 Dreamhack 2019 Showdown with the first Female CSGO from traditional sport team Besiktas
  • 3 years as a senior Social Media manager for ESL focusing on FPS and Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Has managed more than 8000 Tournaments and seen 750000 Matches!
  • Grew the Rainbow Six League from 52 teams to 1200+
  • Founded Barcraft and vast networks including hundreds of Esports bars and venues around the world to synchronize Esports (mainly Starcraft, Street Fighter and Dota2) events all around the world.
  • Red Bull Esports made him the lead to organize dozens of tournaments across SEA/Oceania and to handle hundreds of influencers and e-Athletes for regional activations.



Protocol and Product Layer Platform for Esports and Video Entertainment

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