TikTok #VRAtothemoon Challenge

Jul 21 · 3 min read
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We have an exciting competition for all you TikTok fans! For our first challenge, we are collaborating with top TikToc influencer @thewolfofbitcoin who already has a massive 104.2K followers!

TikTok Challenge

We want you to LIKE and SHARE @thewolfofbitcoin’s TikTok video about Verasity, VRA and esportsfightclub.com

Starting Tuesday 21st July (13:30 UTC) and ends Tuesday 28th July (20:00 UTC)

Guide how to share a TikTok:

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  • Watch @thewolfofbitcoin TikTok post:
  • Share it on your TikTok and other social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Telegram) and Tag 3 friends
  • For each share on TikTok get an extra 100 VRA


  • $1 VRA for each participant + extra 100 VRA for every share on TikTok
  • Influencers who have over 10K followers can send email to support@verasity.io

Submit here: https://forms.gle/es85F7viMNBgRYAV7 by Tuesday 28th July (20:00 UTC)

About Verasity.tv


Verasity is a leading company providing proprietary technology, uniquely rewarding gamers, viewers and publishers.

Verasity revenue streams include:

Game subscriptions, jackpot revenue rake, betting revenue rake and video ad revenues. Read about the tokenomics, forecast, buy back and burn here.

📖 Read our latest adoption metrics and one page overview

📈 Find where VRA (ticker) is trading on CoinMarketCap

VRA can be staked for 36.5% annual interest at https://verawallet.tv.

Follow Us:

Medium: https://medium.com/verasity
Twitter: https://twitter.com/verasitytech
Website: https://verasity.io
Telegram Token Discussion: http://t.me/verasitychat
Telegram Token Announcements: https://t.me/verasity
Verasity Esports Fight Club: https://t.me/verasity_mobile
Kakao: https://open.kakao.com/o/gh8ZK0cb
Facebook: https://facebook.com/verasitytech
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/verasity
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/verasity
Blockfolio Signals: Follow VRA to receive updates straight from the team

Join our local groups, we have support in the following languages

Russian chat 🇷🇺 — https://t.me/VerasityRU
Korean chat 🇰🇷 — https://open.kakao.com/o/gh8ZK0cb
Turkish chat 🇹🇷 — https://t.me/VerasityTR
Vietnamese chat 🇻🇳 — https://t.me/Verasity_Vietnam
Brazilian chat 🇧🇷 — https://t.me/Verasity_BR
Spanish Chat 🇪🇸 — https://t.me/verasity_spanish
Persian Chat 🇮🇷 — https://t.me/verasity_irn
Japanese Chat 🇯🇵 — https://t.me/verasityjapanese
Indian Chat🇮🇳- https://t.me/VerasityIndia

WeChat — PM @cryptomeo on Telegram

If you are a Game Developer or Video Publisher and want to grow your audience and revenue by 500% click the link to talk to the team


Rewards Based Platform for Esports Tournaments, Gaming & Video Entertainment

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