Verasity July Staking Competition

Jul 20 · 4 min read
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Get your VRA ready… We have a new staking competition that you are not going to want to miss.

We listen to all our community feedback and suggestions, and our staking competitions are one of your most popular requests.

💸 50 Staking spots up for grabs

📅 Starts on Tuesday July 21st 15:00 UTC — Ends on July 28th 15:00 UTC

Earn VRA daily at 0.1% or 36.5% per year!

How to win

  • Win a staking spot based on the amount of VRA in your VeraWallet main account.
  • Staking spots in this competition are for six months (participants can continue staking on standard terms after the six month period).
  • The Top 30 wallets with the largest increase in VRA from 1 July 2020 to 28 July 2020 will be selected as winners.
  • 20 additional wallets will be selected randomly.
  • A Leaderboard will be published by Verasity from time to time after the competition begins (sometimes this is delayed so don’t fret!).


  • Fill out the following Google form:
    and include your staking claim amount.
  • The participant must have enough VRA tokens in their main VeraWallet account to meet the claim made in the Google form by 28 July 15:00 UTC. If the tokens are not available the staking spot is cancelled.
  • Participants agree in the form to allow Verasity to automatically stake their claim for six months from the date of the stake by Verasity.
  • Staking claims will be automatically staked from the participant’s Main VeraWallet.
  • Increase in VRA is determined by the balance of Verawallet Main Account at the end of the competition (15:00 28 July 2020 UTC) less the balance of Verawallet Main Account at the start (15:00 1 July 2020 UTC or on any date thereafter up and until July 28 but before 15:00 UTC). Staking and Escrow balances are excluded from all calculations.
  • For example, on 21 July 2020 50,000 VRA is in your Verawallet and on 28 July 200,000 VRA is in your Verawallet. Your increase over the competition period is a total of 150,000 VRA and only this increase will count towards the competition.
  • Participants will be notified within 7 days after the competition if they won a staking position or not (August 4th). Participants will also be able to see if they won by checking their staking wallet.
  • Staking spots will be made available in the order of freed up staking. New stakes won will replace old stakes that have retired. So be patient some staking spots may take time to be filled.
  • Verasity will not publish the list of staking winners for privacy reasons or the total of the staking values.
  • All Staking program rules apply (minimum stake is 100 000 VRA, maximum stake is 200 000 000 VRA)
  • Rules can be amended at any time. Verasity determines the winners without recourse.

Additional Rules

  • Create a wallet on (previously created accounts also count)
  • Retweet the following Tweet and tag at least 3 friends:
  • Follow Verasity Twitter accounts:


RJ Mark



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