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Verasity Sticker Competition!

Calling all artists… we have an exciting competition for you!

We need the community to get your creative hats on because we are excited to announce a new sticker competition! If you are an artist, or one of your friends is — use or send the link to this post!

The competition will run until Monday 27th July 12:00 UTC

The Theme

We have recently rebranded Betesportz to esportsfightclub! The theme of the stickers has to be related to the new brand, logo and esports.

The Rewards:

What’s a competition without rewards? These rewards are tailored to any aspiring artist so that he/she can get more recognition for their art work and also see the work actively being used in our telegram group.

  • 100,000 VRA
  • Artist recognition. We will tweet your handle and the winning stickers
  • Use of your stickers in our Telegram Chat

How to enter:

Entering the competition is the easy part… the hard part will be designing the stickers! To submit your sticker pack simply upload them to a single Imgur post and email the link to the album to

Guidelines and rules:

Here’s the stuff that you probably don’t want to read, but you have to as it’s important!

  • The image format must be PNG with a transparent layer
  • Resolution of sticker must be 512 x 512px
  • Must be your ORIGINAL WORK! We will know if its copied
  • Some inspirations of other telegram stickers:
  • Verasity branding colours are always more appreciated. Our company red colour is ff0349, our purple is #7c00b9
  • No NSFW stickers, keep it family-friendly
  • All rights to the work will be automatically transferred to Verasity and owned solely by Verasity and may be trademarked by Verasity. You will not have any further rights to the work and Verasity will not have any liability to you.

That’s all. We will pick the winners ourselves based on the quality of the submission. Winner will be announced 3 working days after the competition closes. We wish you luck and are excited to see what our community will come up with.

DISCLAIMER: By submitting your entry, you agree that Verasity has the exclusive right to redistribute your work in perpetuity, and Verasity also reserves the right to use your entry in the Verasity Token Chat Official and other materials as Verasity sees fit.



Verasity provides proprietary technology uniquely rewarding gamers, viewers and publishers. Verasity is a crypto-based platform with the VRA token that aims to revolutionise the online advertising business. With its innovative Proof of View system, advertisers are able to guarantee their video ads are seen and not ignored thanks to smart contracts on the Ethereum chain, while viewers are able to earn VRA simply by watching the content they already consume. Verasity has a focus on gaming publishers and esports.

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