Most useful Czech words

What Czech words are useful for foreigners?

We wanted to come up with a Word list of most useful words for any foreigner, traveler or language student. We suggested some words…but then we realized, maybe we should also ask.

Because, yes, sometimes it’s that simple. You ask and you get an answer.

We asked people in Facebook groups Learn Czech in Prague and Brno for their opinion. These Facebook groups were our sample to approve of our hypothesis when creating the ultimate useful list of words and phrases.

What are the most useful words?

It was amazing to watch our boring expectations to be shattered by the community. They really choose the words fitting for the well-known Czech pub culture.

Czech learners have chosen words referring to pubs and everyday situations: potatoes, beer, one more, bill please, with card…

Our favorite? “Nemám nic, ale mám dost.” (I have nothing, but it is enough.)

Find the complete list of user’s words below:

We let ourselves inspired by these answers. We created the Word list “Travel” that consist of useful words.

Travel” by Vocabulary Miner can come handy if you travel or learn Czech and/or 6 other languages (Polish, Slovak, German, English, Spanish, French). Search for it in the app.

Interested in Polish most useful words? Prepare yourself to be surprised!