We tried to break free!

Back in 2012 the founding team of Kahoot! and the brilliant minds that surrounded us had some hairy goals to back a solid mission.

“It’s the thought that matters not the spelling”
— Tim Moore, GM, Kahoot!

Having stepped away from day-to-day operations have I decided to take the time to revisit our original thinking to reflect and learn. Since I am educated and trained in Fine Art I try to practise these “reflection-loops” at the end of creative projects. A business should be treated in the same way. This process will eventually evolve into something more structured, but here is a teaser…

First this 5-minute segment from my Keynote at Helsinki Design Week 2012, sets the scene pretty well. I discuss why we decided to create Kahoot! and the underlying issues we address.

Keynote on People Centred Design — Helsinki Design Week 2012

What's interesting then is looking back on how we choose to structure the team, processes and the seed financing of the company, to enable us to develop the concepts into the success Kahoot! is today. A global learning brand that recently topped 50m MAU.

We tried to break free from the old school approach forced upon us by the 'system' around us, as this e-mail below demonstrates. Being able to develop our own approach to agile and lean, user centric design & development was essential. We decided to stand on the shoulders of giants, so it was a race to apply best practices where we could and learn quickly from our own experiments.

An e-mail dicussing how we structured the business, this time to raise some seed funds back in 2012

to be continued…

If you’ve got this far… thank you for reading! I’m only just starting out on Medium. Over the coming months I’ll be exploring the themes in this article, sharing both practical tips and stratigic evalutaions we took when growing Kahoot! and hopefully from the growing numbers of new ventures we have.

I would hugely appreciate some claps 👏 and shares 🙌 so that others can find it!

We Are Human creates purpose driven organisations striving for social and commercial impact. We are most famous for co-founding and incubating Kahoot!, “the world’s fastest growing learning brand”, launched in August 2013. By May 2017, we had scaled Kahoot! to reach 50 million people around the world every month, along with our co-founders and a highly dedicated team.

Excuse applied: written by a creative mind with dyslexia, alternative spelling applied