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Learn Constantly. Become Future-Proof.
Note from the editor

Learning as individuals. Human curiosity and creativity. Individuals following their interests and keeping on top of changes in their fields of interest and work. The best strategy for relevance. // Learning at work. Learning from employees, learning by doing, by changing, by adapting. Organizations making sure their internal speed of change and adaptation matches that of the world around them. // Learning in society. How society can best prepare its citizens and adapt its structures for changing times. How fostering learning and adaptability at every level helps society as a whole. // Learning at events. Conferences, festivals, professional gatherings. Places and time where our individual interests, our work life and, at the best events, society come together. They provide some of the best opportunities for learning and inspiration.

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Patrick Tanguay
Obsessively curious. Assembling ideas for partners and projects, including @e180, @thealpinereview and https://tinyletter.com/sentiers.
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Editorial Team
We Seek presented by e180
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Christine Renaud
Co-founder and CEO of @e180 — Braindates for learning humans. The Learning Revolution will be self-directed, collaborative and experiential. #socent
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Alex Hillman
Skywalker. Peoplewatcher. Placemaker. Honest. Fearless Leader @IndyHall. JFDI. Armchair anthropologist. Serendiptition. My life only makes sense in reverse.
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Gabriel Duford
Lead Technologist at Element AI
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Hiba Ganta
Adding up all the small things to equal something. Interested in technology, entrepreneurship and community building.
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Rebecca West
Writer with a focus on projects at the intersection of tech, design and creativity, and Editor of the AI1D Journal at Element AI.
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Michele Robinson
Montrealer who’s way too in touch with her feelings, Impact Director at e180.
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Toni van Eeden
Entrepreneurship + Relationships + Art. All about authentic relationship building and healthy digital interactions. Visit me @ www.tonivaneeden.com
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Sophie Silkes
Head of the Collective at @crewlabs #crewcollectivecafe. Building spaces for future work/urban innovation. @jwmcconnell Fellow + @mcgillurbanlab grad.
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Fiona Wright
Fascinated by complex challenges. Global sustainability in particular. Strategist and Facilitator @systemslens with The Lansdowne Group.
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Boris Anthony
Strategy & Design / Berlin / Director @ https://rebus.foundation
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One of the Many @madebymany; 70% cocoa solids: 30% mum
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Claire Haigh FRSA
Exploring shaping & connecting future collaborative & inclusive public services Co-Founder @CollabOutLoud #CupofChange Married to @tobywormald #CollabOutLoud