What I Learned Today

Reflect on your day by sharing one thing that you learned. Mistakes are welcome.

How Do I Write?

Who can write?

Everyone can write on Medium. Click your face in the upper right-hand corner of the Medium homepage and then select “New story” to start writing.

Why can I still not write?

You’re probably using an unsupported browser.

Writing is only available in Chrome, Firefox, our iOS app, and…

I once met a man from Nantucket 

Who then introduced me to a gentleman from Fort Lauderdale

After that, my day continued as normal.

Are we actually different?

There is our world and then there is their world

Ever wondered how many worlds are there. Its fascinating when we think about the outer…

A Foggy Walk in Vancouver

Thoughts of life amidst a walk home

When the sky is clear and the sun is shining it is easy to find our way home. But we know the one…

Hardest bug to find. So far…

Be wary… Closure compiler related post. And, by accident, my first post on medium. So be wary even more. (:

Things I learned while on a plane to New York

Like how to write really long fucking titles

1. Airplane coffee tastes like gas station coffee - bitter, burnt, kind of chalky

2 . Road signs, bathroom signs, handicap signs, airplane overhead bin signs - all use the same family of stick “actors” to instruct. Good, steady gig there. Residuals?

Fear of failure

Failure is always an option. Being afraid of it is not.

Growing up, I was taught that failure is the result of not studying hard enough, not practicing hard enough, or generally failing to do something required by the universe at large.

Failure was personified, feared, the great equalizer of achievement.

Meet Easy

Our greatest lie

Easy is learned — success is earned.

A cultural myth of monstrous proportions, easy has driven me to the feet of wasted energy and distraction more times than I’d like to admit.

We’re wired to search for automatic, guaranteed, just add water and go, when the true face of easy looks a lot like lazy…

Making it work

Why I’m ‘giving up’ on full time blogging and going back to a day job

This past year and a half has been pretty much Living The Dream for me. I…

Larger Capacity For Love & Appreciation

I find that the more developed we become in a skill to the point that it becomes artful, the more appreciation we’re able to have for other arts. There becomes a larger capacity for appreciation.

Everything in life after all is a metaphor.

Just as there is the misconception that love is limited to either one…

Disruptive Innovations take a wide lens

We’ve come to understand that a wider lens of people is needed to birth the next generation of innovations.

Faith not the religious experience you would expect.

I have been through hell and high water;Faith is who I turn to most

10 Years ago I decided I wanted to have children, before that I wanted absolutely nothing to do with them I wanted dogs and cats and that was it. I was all set with the crying and pooping in the middle of the night, and then there was…

Think Stories, Not Slides

Notes to myself on becoming a better presenter

Narrative Stories, not Bullet Slides.

My Seven Words

Reflections on my principles

Experiment. Have a bias for action. Learn things by doing them. Spend time reading, researching, reviewing things but aim to…

COMMIT to High Quality Interaction

One way to improve the military to civilian transition.

A few months ago, a college classmate of mine shared a link with me…


Hey, everyone: Just hypothetically, have we considered Stop.

Stop doing it. Stop buying into it. Stop looking at it. Stop checking in to it. Stop binge…

The Launch Of The Information: What It Means For The Future Of Tech Journalism

Light At The End Of A Dark Tunnel

Yes, we can

Just by knowing few things, we can live our lives any way we want.

Yes, we can.
Yes, we can change the world, step by step, day by day, no rush at…

What I Learned Today
What I Learned Today

Reflect on your day by sharing one thing that you learned. Mistakes are welcome.

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