Whither news?

Posts questioning assumptions, finding opportunities in journalism

Playing Leapfrog & Werewolf with Google & Facebook

First Google made its friendship pact with eight old, European publishers, vowing to innovate together. Then Facebook leapfrogged…

Google Signs a Friendship Pact with Euro Publishers

Google needs friends in Europe. It may have finally found some.

Bring me the hed of Jackie

Externally focused vs. internally focused journalism. Content vs. service.
Volume vs. value.

WTF is promoted-native-brand-voice-sponsored-content? It’s an ad. That’s WTF it is.

More than half of the people I surveyed did *not* know what “promoted” means

Who needs edittors?

I am editorially feral.

I got email yesterday from an editor at The Washington Post asking whether I wanted to write an opinion piece picking and…

Assignment: Guardian

I asked our entrepreneurial journalism students at CUNY to read statements by four of the candidates for its editorship — and then to write their…

Is everything in Germany Google’s fault?

Publishers are really debating what is scarce: attention, content, trust … or merely money

NBC’s opportunity

NBC has a chance to reinvent television news without the plastic personality, the manufactured celebrity, the staged reality, the smarmy transitions, the bullshit BREAKING

What news can do for Google (and itself)

How about a search of only original reporting?

In recent months, I’ve heard a lot of news executives complain about…

What Could Google Do — for News?

Google, I’m hearing, wants to help save news. Good on them. But that should not mean saving old newspapers in old Europe. Instead, it should mean helping to…

Building Trust in News

In their Trust Project, Richard Gingras, head of Google News, and Sally Lehrman, a fellow at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, argue the need to rebuild trust in…

The take on takes: It’s the (mass-media) business model, stupid

A very good take on why all news organizations think they “need a take on that” becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, being followed by another take and then another take on the Awl’s take on takes. Shoot us all now.

No, shoot the business model and the presumptions of mass media economics. That is what…

Unoriginal sin

The amazing Ethan Zuckerman argues at eloquent length in The Atlantic that advertising was the web’s original sin, which really is just a corollary to the contention that giving…

Absolution? Hell, no.

The good Reverend David Carr grants us absolution. “So whose fault is it?” he asks after chronicling the excommunication of newspapers and magazines from media companies…

The decootification of media companies

This pretty much completes the circle: Now Gannett is ready to spin-off its print properties, following Scripps in 2007, Belo in 2008, News Corp. in…

I could spend days just wandering through The New York Times’ ancient archives. Indeed, I have spent days there. I discover tales of fiendish kodakers lying in wait to assault the good ladies of Newport and luddites’ letters decrying the telegraph. My favorite yet may be this from The Times of November 3, 1901, reporting on the disruption of

Social Journalism

Proposing a new degree at CUNY

Some big news at CUNY: We are developing a new master’s degree in social journalism. We’ve considered calling it a…

Organizer, advocate, educator

What now for news — Part V

I have been working on an essay that explores new relationships, forms, and business models for news. It is

Engagement, collaboration, and membership

What now for news — Part IV

I have been working on an essay that explores new relationships, forms, and business models

Whither news?
Whither news?

Posts questioning assumptions, finding opportunities in journalism

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