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Adrian Krion
Apr 3, 2020 · 8 min read
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Hello, and welcome to Wombat!

This is a guide for absolute beginners — people with no blockchain or cryptocurrency experience, no idea about why decentralized games would be beneficial, and who don’t know what to use Wombat for.

Let’s start with a few general remarks.

What is Wombat?

What is a blockchain and what does it do?

EOS and the EOS blockchain

The EOS token is the native currency on the EOS blockchain, and a lot of things can be paid for on this blockchain using EOS tokens, like items in games.

TELOS and the Telos blockchain

Getting started

Setting you up

Step 1: Use a social login

Experienced blockchain users may wonder about this step as it seems unnecessary to use your social login to use a blockchain wallet. This might be true, but with Wombat you’re getting much more than just an EOS / Telos wallet — free accounts, free resources, exclusive contests, promotions and more. We won’t be selling your data, so don’t worry, but we need to keep a tiny level of control over how many things we’re giving out for free, and to whom, and your social login is part of that.

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Step 2: Select your backup location

We don’t want you to have to remember any recovery phrases or separate passwords. With Wombat, we store the private key (which is like a very secure password for the blockchain) encrypted using the Google Drive or Dropbox that you control. That way, we make sure we can always recover your private key, even if you’ve lost your device, and we can also replicate the private key to other devices without us knowing it.

Step 3: Choose a PIN to protect your private key

Choose a 6-digit PIN to protect the private key on your device. Make sure to remember it, but we also offer fingerprint or Face ID options in case you’re too lazy to type it every time (like myself).

Step 4: Select your Telos account name

Choose your Telos account name. The rules for these names aren’t ours, so don’t be surprised that these names need to be:

  • 12 characters long (exactly 12!)
  • Only letters, the numbers 1–5 or the .

Our service will check that the name you’ve chosen is not taken, and will then create an account for you.

Now, you’re done and can start enjoying Wombat and the blockchain gaming experience.

Getting an EOS account

Playing games

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Most of the games will simply open within Wombat or your browser, but some might require you to download a native app, like EOS Knights or EOS Dynasty. This means that these games are only available on mobile devices, but don’t worry, you can log in with the same social login on different devices and restore your account to keep playing on all your devices.

Most games and apps will use Wombat directly to log in; however, some of the games (like Prospectors or Upland) might ask you to register with a social account or an email on top of logging in with Wombat.

Good-to-know stuff


In case you encounter issues with a game or app saying that you don’t have enough resources (be it CPU, NET, or RAM), please retry doing the same thing once or twice before reaching out to us via our Telegram channel.


Send tokens

You can send tokens via the Send button to any other EOS account, including exchanges. Choose the token you want to send from the dropdown, type in the receiver account, the amount and the memo. The memo is mostly voluntary (leave it blank or type a nice message), except if you send EOS or other tokens to an exchange, where this will be needed in order to have your funds arrive safely. In case you’re uncertain, always try with a small amount first and once you know that it arrived safely, make another, bigger transfer.

Sending tokens to others via Wombat is a lot of fun, because it’s fast and (for most tokens) free, no matter where you are in the world. If you’re in the same place, you can also scan the QR code of the other person’s Wombat to prefill the receiver field.

Receive tokens

If you want to receive tokens from other people, or send tokens like EOS or Telos from an exchange like Coinbase to your Wombat wallet, go to your wallet, choose the token you want to receive and hit the Receive button. Your account name will be displayed at the very top of the screen. Don’t worry if you’re used to Ethereum addresses which look a whole lot different (e.g. 0xd08354542e13E09355f038d6B8bc577093e1007D) — this human-readable account name is all you need to send tokens to your wallet.

In case an exchange asks you to add a memo, feel free to type in anything you want. Wombat-created EOS and Telos accounts don’t require any memo when sending tokens to them.

The EOS and Telos blockchains are really fast and your tokens will appear in Wombat within seconds after the exchange has performed the transaction; however, exchanges might take minutes or hours to actually issue your transaction.


If you want to buy some items or upgrade your account in games or apps within Wombat, it’s likely you will have to do that in EOS. You can open a Coinbase account by clicking the Buy button in your wallet view. We’re aware this is not the most convenient way of getting hold of EOS tokens, which is why we’re working to partner up with something more lightweight.

Trade tokens

If you want to convert a token into EOS or the other way around, check out Newdex in the Explorer view. Many of the tokens listed in Wombat can be traded there; it’s the decentralized exchange on the EOS blockchain with the most users.

Other apps, games and tokens

In case there are apps or games which you’d like to have listed within Wombat, please reach out to us via our Telegram.

Also, if there’s a token you want to transact with but can’t find it in the list of tokens, please fill this form. We list tokens depending on popular demand, not based on market cap or purpose (except for obvious scams) because we offer a technical service, not financial advice.

The Wombat referral program

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How to earn with Wombat

Enjoy your ride

Please follow us on Twitter, Hive or Medium and join our Telegram group if you want to stay tuned about the newest developments about Wombat.

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