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Hello, and welcome to Wombat!

This is a guide for absolute beginners — people with no blockchain, NFT or cryptocurrency experience, no idea about why decentralized games are better, and those who don’t know what to use Wombat for.

Let’s start with a few general remarks.

What is Wombat?

Our goal is to make the play-to-earn world easily accessible for you, the players, and scalable for mainstream games that want to enable crypto and NFT rewards. The Wombat ecosystem — including every single game, token or the Womplay platform — exists to achieve this goal. In other words, Wombat is your gateway to play-to-earn gaming pumped with NFTs and crypto rewards!

From a technical perspective, Wombat is a crypto wallet and blockchain dApps explorer. In Wombat, you can easily buy, sell, store your coins and tokens and get a comprehensive overview of your NFTs.

What is a blockchain and what does it do?

Without going into too much detail — a blockchain is an internet-based technology that allows you to really own your digital assets and lets you transact with those assets in a secure way. Wombat is not a blockchain itself and we don’t run a blockchain, but Wombat gives you access to multiple blockchains, namely Ethereum and other ERC20 chains, EOS, WAX and Telos.

What are NFTs?

‘NFT’ stands for ‘non-fungible token’ and describes a type of assets different from crypto coins or tokens. Just like them, it is powered by a blockchain — the only difference is that it is provably unique.

Think about it that way — when you spend Bitcoins, it’s no matter to you whether you spend the coins you got two weeks ago or a month ago because you’re essentially handling a balance, numbers of the same thing. However, when you transfer or sell an NFT, it does make a difference which one you pick, even if they belong to the same series.

In that way, NFTs are similar to collectibles like figurines or sports cards or rare items in the games. Unlike the latter though, NFTs a completely and irrevocably owned by you. Meaning, if you got an NFT from a game and the game itself shut down, you will still be able to access, transfer or sell this non-fungible.

EOS and the EOS blockchain

It might be a bit confusing at first when you keep reading “EOS” and “blockchain” and then there’s a token which is also called “EOS”, so you might also see a number next to the word EOS or the EOS logo.

The EOS token is the native currency on the EOS blockchain, and a lot of things can be paid for on this blockchain using EOS tokens, like items in games. Besides EOS, there are many other tokens existing on the EOS blockchain — like pBTC, BOX, SOUL and many others.

TLOS and the Telos blockchain

Likewise, Wombat supports the Telos blockchain which has a native currency called TLOS. The token array on Telos also isn’t limited to only the native token.

ETH, Ethereum blockchain and other ERC20 chains

The long-awaited addition of Ethereum and its crown jewel, ETH, comes with dozens of more dApps and 100 tokens! This chain has a fundamentally different working principle — but we put the same easy-to-handle approach to it.

Ethereum doesn’t come alone — Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche and many other networks created off Ethereum work with Wombat too. Our own $WOMBAT token even runs on the Polygon chain.

WAX/WAXP and the WAX blockchain

WAX is admittedly the king of blockchain gaming and gaming NFTs. The lineup of titles, genres, rewards and communities is growing every day

Getting started

So, now that you have a little bit of background information, let’s run you through what you can actually do with Wombat.

Setting you up

If you’re a new user, you first have to set yourself up. As you’re reading this article, chances are you already got your Wombat account and are all set up already, but in case you aren’t, this will only take about 20 seconds. This is what you need to do:

Step 1: Use a social login

Experienced blockchain users may wonder about this step as it seems unnecessary to use your social login to use a blockchain wallet. This might be true, but with Wombat you’re getting much more than just a crypto wallet — you get free accounts, free resources, exclusive contests, promotions and more. We won’t be selling your data, so don’t worry, but we need to keep a tiny level of control over how many things we’re giving out for free, and to whom, and your social login is part of that.

Step 2: Select your backup location

We don’t want you to have to remember any recovery phrases or separate passwords. With Wombat, we create encrypted backups for your private keys using the Google Drive or Dropbox that you control. That way, we make sure you can always recover your private key even if you’ve lost your device and we replicate it to other devices without having to enter this long string every time.

Keep in mind that this is only true for account names and Ethereum addresses created in Wombat. Those who imported their data into Wombat have private keys stored locally and need to re-enter those when changing the device or reinstalling the wallet.

Step 3: Choose a PIN to protect your private key

Choose a 6-digit PIN to protect the private key on your device. Make sure to remember it, but we also offer fingerprint or Face ID options in case you’re too lazy to type it every time (like myself).

Step 4: Select your account name or create an address

Choose your EOS, WAX or Telos account name or an Ethereum address. The naming rules for EOS, WAX and Telos are defined by the network itself:

  • 12 characters long (exactly 12!)
  • Only lowercase Latin letters and/or numbers 1–5.

Our service will check that the name you’ve chosen is not taken, and will then create an account for you.

If you already have an account name on EOS, WAX or Telos or an Ethereum address, you can import those instead. You will find the importing option right below the ‘Create account’ button.

Now, you’re done and can start enjoying Wombat and the NFT gaming experience!

Adding more account names or an Ethereum address

If one network you initially connected to isn’t enough, you can always add more account names or an address.

To do that, click/tap on the gear icon on the home screen -> Keys & Accounts and choose the blockchain you’d like to connect to. Just like upon sign-up, you can choose to create an entirely new account name or import an existing one.

Playing games

Depending on whether you use Wombat on Android, iOS or via the Chrome browser extension, your experience might differ a bit, but in general, you’ll find many awesome games to play in the Playground on the Home screen.

Most of the games will simply open within Wombat or your browser, but some might require you to download a native app. This means that these games are only available on mobile devices, but don’t worry, you can log in with the same social login on different devices and restore your account to keep playing on all your devices.

Most games and apps will use Wombat directly to log in; however, some of the games (like Prospectors or Upland) might ask you to register with a social account or an email on top of logging in with Wombat.

In order to log into games, please use the native Wombat login method. If you don’t see one, please choose Scatter, Anchor or Metamask.

Other dApps can be found in Explorer on the lower navbar.

Good-to-know stuff


Some of you might have heard that playing games, using apps or even sending tokens on EOS, WAX and Telos requires resources like CPU, NET or RAM. We don’t want you to worry about these things, which is why we cover some of the resources for you (Find more information about it here). In most of the games within Wombat, you’ll be able to play without having to care about resources at all. Sometimes, however, it might happen that your resources are not enough to do something or you’d like to use more transactions than you get with your free plan. This is what Wombat Prime is for — a monthly subscription that comes with a bunch of perks like extra resources for only about 0.99$ a month (depending on your country). We’re working hard to add even more value to this subscription, so stay tuned.

In case you encounter issues with a game or app saying that you don’t have enough resources (be it CPU, NET, or RAM), please retry doing the same thing once or twice. If you get the same error, please consult with our Help Center.

As Ethereum and its forks work in a completely different way, we are unable to cover the gas fees for transactions on that network. As a compensatory measure, we have unlocked the ERC20 private keys for everyone by default.


If you head over to the Wallet view you can see the tokens that you own (it’s under Tokens on the Chrome extension).

Send tokens

You can send tokens to any other EOS, WAX or Telos account or Ethereum address, including exchanges. Choose the token you want to send in your Wallet balance, tap/click on the Send button, type in the receiver account, the amount and the memo. The memo is mostly voluntary (leave it blank or type a nice message), except if you send tokens to an exchange, where this will be needed in order to have your funds arrive safely. In case you’re uncertain, please confirm all the necessary details with the receiver.

Sending tokens to others via Wombat is fast and (for most tokens) free, no matter where you are in the world. If you’re in the same place, you can also scan the QR code of the other person’s Wombat to prefill the receiver field.

Receive tokens

If you want to receive tokens from other people or send tokens from an exchange like Coinbase to your Wombat wallet, go to your Wallet, choose the token you want to receive. Your account name or address will be displayed at the very top of the screen.

In case an exchange asks you to add a memo, feel free to type in anything you want. In Wombat, account names and addresses don’t require any memo when sending tokens to them.

The direct blockchain transfers are really fast and your tokens will appear in Wombat within seconds after (it might take longer with Ethereum). However, exchanges might take minutes or hours to actually execute the transfer.

Buy crypto

If you want to buy some items or upgrade your account in games or apps within Wombat, it’s likely you will have to do that in crypto. You can buy some by ‘Buy crypto’ button in your Wallet view.

Swap tokens

If you want to exchange tokens running on the same blockchain, use the Swap Office. You will find it on the Home screen, right next to the Playground. All you need to do is choose which token you want to swap, which token you want to receive and set the amount.

Buying and selling NFTs

Depending on the blockchain, we can recommend several marketplaces for you to purchase or sell you NFTs:

EOS: AtomicHub

WAX: AtomicHub, NeftyBlocks, SimpleMarket

Ethereum/ERC20 chains: OpenSea

All of them are accessible in Wombat’s Explorer/Apps list (the ‘Other’ category on mobile devices).

You also have a complete overview of your NFTs with their unique features and even suggested prices in the Gallery in the main menu.

Other apps, games and tokens

If you want to use other games or apps which run on EOS, WAX, Ethereum or Telos but can’t find them in the Explorer, you can use the URL bar in the explorer to open it. We generally try to list all apps and games which work really well with Wombat (hence the selection), but there are tons more that might also work.

In case there are apps or games which you’d like to have listed within Wombat, please reach out to us via our Telegram.

Also, if there’s a token you want to transact with but can’t find it in the list of tokens, please fill this form. We list tokens depending on popular demand, not based on market cap or purpose (except for obvious scams) because we offer a technical service, not financial advice.

The Wombat referral program

Go to Settings and choose the “Invite a friend” option to share Wombat with your friends. Both you and your referred users will receive extra free transactions for one month, and we’re happy to serve your friends, too! The referral program has a few limitations like the total number of referrals which are counted for you each month, or the age of the referred account (codes can only be entered within the first month after account creation).

How to earn with Wombat

We often get the question how users can earn EOS or other cryptocurrencies with Wombat. We know this is a popular topic with blockchain games in general, which is why we’ve compiled this Guide to earning EOS with Wombat.

Enjoy your ride

We hope you’ll enjoy your time with Wombat. We’re striving to make the user experience for blockchain applications and play-to-earn games in particular as seamless as possible. If you like what we’re doing, please leave a rating (5 stars appreciated :) ) and a review in the Play Store, Chrome Web store or AppStore so that more people can learn about Wombat. However, if you’re having trouble using Wombat — please reach out to us, we’re happy to help as this entire blockchain space is still rather new and not everything is very intuitive in the way it works.

Please follow us on Twitter, Hive or Medium and join our Telegram group if you want to stay tuned about the newest developments about Wombat.