How to earn EOS with Wombat

Adrian Krion
Apr 3, 2020 · 4 min read

Wombat is the ideal place if you want to get started with the EOS blockchain and play games that utilize it. Since many of these games entail play-to-earn mechanics, a number of people were asking us how to get some tokens on Wombat. In this post, I want to compile a few instructions and links to give you an overview of that.

In case you’re entirely new to Wombat, also check out this getting started guide.

I’ll go game by game, in alphabetical order. Note that this and any linked posts may not exhaust all the ways you could earn with Wombat. They are just there to give you an orientation and get you started.

Candypop Duel

Crypto Dynasty

Crypto Dynasty is one the most popular games on EOS and beyond according to DappRadar.

Due to the relatively many ways of earning EOS in Crypto Dynasty, we’ve created these two parts of the Ultimate guide to earning EOS with Crypto Dynasty, part I and part II.

EOS Knights

EOS Racing

Hexa Puzzle Duel

The latest of the three Neowiz games. The puzzle mechanic differs a lot from Candy Pop Duel, but the PvP and earning mechanics are the same.

Use your freeplay in the “Wood” category to get started.


Prospectors is one of the more complex games in the Wombat ecosystem and therefore offers many ways of earning PGL tokens — the native in-game currency. We’re currently preparing a more in-depth guide for you, so stay tuned.

However, check the game out nonetheless. You can start earning some in-game gold (which translates into PGL at a rate of 1000 to 1) by performing tasks or mining resources with your workers. PGL can be traded, e.g. on Newdex (which you also find in the Explorer), for EOS.

Solitaire Duel


Have fun!

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