Integrate and innovate with WorkflowGen

Go beyond BPM by creating powerful integrations using WorkflowGen’s cutting-edge features

WorkflowGen comes loaded with features that let you create powerful integrations with company web apps, portals, intranets and extranets, as well as extendable apps such as Slack, Dropbox and GitHub. We’ve put together some selected integration-related articles, tutorials and documentation to give you a quick reference page of WorkflowGen integration features and use cases, along with some videos that will give you an up-close look at integrations in action.

Integration use cases

Integrating WorkflowGen with company web portals

A WorkflowGen integration with insurance portals in action

How to use WorkflowGen as an orchestration engine

WorkflowGen for iManage

WorkflowGen for Planisware


Why we chose GraphQL for our new WorkflowGen API

WorkflowGen GraphQL API: Our recipe

Why GraphQL is a language of digital transformation

WorkflowGen GraphQL API documentation


Webhooks in WorkflowGen

A webhook integration to send messages from WorkflowGen forms to Slack channels

Tutorial: Using SENDHTTPPOST to send messages to Slack

SENDHTTPPOST workflow app documentation

Incoming webhooks documentation

Outgoing webhooks documentation

Other integration features and resources

Tutorial: SENDMESSAGE usage

SENDMESSAGE workflow app documentation

WorkflowGen URLs

Web services API

User Portal customization

WorkflowGen Integration Guide