Friday, November 27, 2015

Dear katie,

Short letter today — didn’t do much today. Woke up around noon, had lunch, and then we drove back to Evanston after making a stop at our Naperville house. Weird to go back to an empty house. Finished Jessica Jones and made dinner with Sarah. We made a spinach, kidney bean, carrot, onion, spaghetti squash soup in chicken broth. Nice to eat some vegetables post-Thanksgiving. Introduced her to Kumail Nanjiani’s Beta Male standup. Still so hilarious. “Happy birthday…thank you very much!”

Need to go shopping for winter clothes this weekend. My socks have holes in them, my knee-high boots have broken zippers, and somehow I’ve gotten away with cardigans and the same handful of sweaters these last three Chicago winters (I’m basically a mess). Also I want to find cute winter clothes instead of just wearing leggings and baggy sweaters for the next 4–5 months. Hopefully malls and shops won’t be as busy as today but I imagine Black Friday sales will at least be going on all weekend. Wish me luck in the mayhem.

Sounds like you and Jacob had a hearty Thanksgiving! When you finish Jessica Jones let’s discuss.

Miss you!



P.S. Got your postcard! That B&B looks quaint af. And props to Sarah for painting my nails like a fucking pro.

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