Saturday, November 28, 2015

Dear katie,

Even though I slept half the day away, I still managed to submit a few job applications, go to the gym (my calves cramped so hard this is what I get for not running for the last 2 weeks), and do some shopping at Old Orchard. Never ceases to annoy me that outdoor malls are a thing in Illinois. The weather is really not conducive for it. I feel like I really only go shopping twice a year (winter/summer) so every time I go to a mall I power shop. I remember I hated going shopping as a kid, and although I enjoy shopping now, I still don’t really treat is a leisure activity. Still feels like more of an errand. Today I was really resolute about NOT giving out my email address or phone number so I won’t get put on any mailing lists. The only thing I didn’t get that I needed to were boots, but everywhere was still pretty busy (and some shoe sizes ran out) that I decided to try another day.

FaceTimed with the parents finally and told them to watch Spotlight if they can get their hands on a DVD. We decided to put you in charge of Christmas dinner again this year since we probably won’t be doing a turkey. Talked a bit about our Beijing trip and I said that we should go see Mao in the National Museum so we will get to see at least one embalmed communist leader in our lifetime. They asked if I wanted to go back to ISB and I am still on the fence. I remember going back to Shunyi the winter and summer of my freshman year in college and it was mostly really depressing to be back because I didn’t really have any meaningful ties to the place anymore, just memories. Our parents had moved away, as did most of my friends and their families, the school and scenery is all different. You really feel the impact of time in Beijing. On the other hand, I really want to see that fucking dome they built to filter air for students.




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