Steps to Resign the Masternode on XinFin network.

Three easy steps to resign the Masternode on XinFin Network.

May 31 · 2 min read

Step 1: If any user wants to discontinue to be the master node, the user can resign any time from the masternode but token will be locked for the next 30 days.

Step 2: To resign the masternode click on the address which needs to be resigned and click on the Resign button.

Step 3: Withdraw option will be enabled, Once the user will reach the specific block number.

To view, that block number click on settings -> withdraws.

Eg: Below image explains the withdrawal, that will be enabled once the block reaches 643976.

In order to host XinFin Masternode again with same Coinbase Address, the user needs 10 Million XDC tokens in their account apart from the locked XDC tokens. To setup, Masternode click here

For how to file Click Here.

For any Support

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Talk to our team at the Slack Public Channel.

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About XinFin:

XinFin is an open source enterprise-ready Hybrid Blockchain for Global Trade and Finance. It combines the power of Public and Private Blockchains with interoperable smart contracts and is fully EVM compatible. For more information on XinFin, please visit or learn more about XinFin in this video.

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Steps to resign master node

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Follow XinFin on:

Twitter: @XinFin_Official

LinkedIn: XinFin Hybrid Blockchain

Telegram: XinFinTalk


XinFin [XDCE] is an open source hybrid blockchain platform


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XinFin [XDCE] is an open source hybrid blockchain platform.



XinFin [XDCE] is an open source hybrid blockchain platform

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