In the Transformation Through Synergy blog series, Exceptional Software Solutions LLC presents practical uses for Exact Synergy that have transformed our customers’ businesses.

Exact Synergy: A Beauty and A Beast

The first blog in the “Transformation Through Synergy” blog series by Exceptional Software Solutions LLC

Welcome to our Transformation Through Synergy blog series! This series is dedicated to Exact Synergy and the ways in which Exceptional Software Solutions LLC’s team of professionals uses this highly adaptable software solution, in conjunction with Exact Macola ERP, to transform our customers’ businesses, revolutionize their processes and solve common but costly communication issues and resource bottlenecks. The bottom line: Exact Synergy helps our customers realize significant cost savings and remove barriers to growth.

What is Exact Synergy?

Watch an introduction to Exact Synergy HERE.

Exact Synergy is a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) software tool for small to mid-sized manufacturing and distribution organizations that manages all internal and external communication processes in one central location — creating interdepartmental collaboration and efficiency. The organization and automation of documents, quotes, invoices, phone call follow ups, email communications, customer history and more within Exact Synergy can be leveraged to solve a number of process issues. For example:

  • For Sales and Marketing: Exact Synergy makes lead tracking and conversion processes structured and transparent, enhancing communication between sales and marketing departments.
  • For Finance and Accounting: The consolidation and automation of quoting, invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable and more allows easy access by your financial departments and your customers — if you so choose — reducing administration time and customer service inquiries.
  • For Human Resources: Capturing, consolidating and automating process such as employee contact information, salary history, performance reviews, certifications and more help reduce administration time for your HR staff, freeing them for more strategic initiatives.

Integrated into Exact Macola 10 ERP

Exact Synergy is included and integrated into Exact Macola 10 ERP. Learn more about Exact Macola 10 by clicking here.

Don’t have Exact Macola 10 yet? Exact Synergy also integrates with Exact Macola ES and Exact Globe ERP solutions.

A Beauty and a Beast

The beauty of Exact Synergy lies in its capability to perform an endless number of functions, serve many different and vastly diverse purposes, and its ability to change and scale with your processes and your growth. This can also present a challenge, as many companies that already use Exact Synergy only utilize this powerful beast to a fraction of its capacity.

How can you utilize Exact Synergy to the best of its ability? We’ll guide you every step of the way. This blog series is dedicated to providing real-life, practical, applicable examples of how our team of professionals, with a combined 300+ years of experience in Exact Macola software solutions, help our customers get the most out of their investment. We analyze your business processes and work with internal teams and stakeholders to create workflows in Exact Synergy that solve your unique issues and increase your ROI.

In this blog series, we’ll show you how Exact Synergy has helped our customers:

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