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How Technology Can Improve Employee Relations and Engagement

The 6th blog in the Transformation Through Exact Synergy blog series by Exceptional Software Solutions LLC

“Only 6% [of companies] believe their current process for managing performance is worth the time, 58% called their process ‘weak,’ with North American companies 20% worse than the rest of the world.” — Forbes: “Why Companies Fail to Engage Today’s Workforce

When it comes to employee relations and employee engagement, a company’s desire to create a positive and productive company culture is nothing without a regular, transparent and predictable process of feedback and between employees, management and the organization.

HR departments are often tasked with maintaining these processes, but can easily become buried in paperwork, details and deadlines. The solution for many of our customers has been technology.

Software can quickly and easily implement a process around performance reviews that will ultimately save time, holds everyone accountable to conducting reviews and further enables a transparent and documented review process.
— Entrepreneur: “
5 Steps to Better Performance Reviews

Improving the Performance Review Process

At its core, the function of Exact Synergy CRM is to do exactly this — to create a history of documents, transactions, events, customer information, employee information, communication and a space for collaboration. It captures the processes of your organization and embeds these processes — and the knowledge that drives them — into your organization and exposes them in one system.

The Exceptional Software Solutions LLC team of professionals has used Exact Synergy to create HR processes for numerous organizations which provide the structure, consistency and transparency needed for successful employee engagement. For example, we’ve created processes and workflows in Synergy that make records of employee performance reviews, requests for pay raises, and other interactions between employees, managers and HR. We use Exact Synergy to store this documentation in a workflow between an employee and his or her manager, require actions by either party such as signatures, and create alerts when another review or action is coming due.

Other information that our customers have stored in Synergy workflows includes change of job titles, change of departments and change of managers. As Exact Synergy allows companies to manage permissions, an employee’s history can be configured to only be viewed by his or her own manager and the HR department. And if an employee changes departments, that employee’s information can be transferred to the new manager. If a manager leaves and a new manager joins, the employee’s history of performance reviews, requests for raises and other pertinent knowledge and information is not lost, as it’s all stored in Synergy.

Keeping Certifications Up-to-Date

Another important function of Human Resources departments, especially within manufacturing and distribution organizations, is maintaining up-to-date company and employee certifications. For instance, we’ve worked with customers whose organizations require a variety of certifications — from welding certificates to first aid certifications — and at the same time have multiple employees, multiple certifications and multiple deadlines to manage. This is no simple task without the right technology.

With Exact Synergy, we can create a workflow that connects these certification requirements to specific vendors, employees (or groups of employees), expiration dates and more. And by utilizing Exact Event Manager with Exact Synergy, we’ve set monthly alerts for HR departments that indicate which employees and which certifications are due for recertification within the next 30 days. The ease of managing the organization’s employees and compliance initiatives for many is priceless.

Did you know that Exact Synergy and Exact Event Manager are included in Exact Macola 10? Learn more about Exact Macola 10 ERP here.

A transparent and predictable environment is key to maintaining a positive company culture and employee relations — and technology is the link between good intentions and action. The Exceptional Software Solutions LLC team of professionals has implemented these proven processes for many, and we can do it for you, too.

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