Creating an atypical Brand Strategy process

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How things came to be

When I learn about a subject for a long time, I tend to eventually need a moment to put my thoughts in order. Every expert on the subject has its own views and, while I study their methods and accumulate information from all over the place, eventually and somehow, everything gets tangled up together without me even noticing it.

The path on the map

I forget where I learned one specific thing, I know that I can use 3 or 4 different approaches to a problem, but it’s hard to evaluate which one is the best to use at that moment, and so on. That’s when I start getting nervous and insecure about myself. 😣

All of this uncertainty and possible variations can be overwhelming when you start practicing a subject without a specific method that you’re comfortable with and you know you can control. It builds up anxiety, it brings down the confidence that you have in your knowledge, know-how, and even capability to do anything well. I don’t think it makes much sense to work like that, and I don’t think I’m able to properly help someone while having those feelings.

Some people might consider “certainty” the death of creativity, but I think it’s liberating when it comes to a method. A process, the confidence that you can dominate it, and the predictability of the next step are agents to release us from anxiety, and consequently, create the mental space for creativity to run loose. That way, you are able to follow the steps and work smoothly ahead and, as you build up your confidence, you might try to bend it at your will and adapt it to better fit your needs.

I know there’s a lot of people that consider themselves more creative under pressure and unsureness, and that’s ok as well! 🤷‍♀ ️I just don't think that’s 100% healthy for me and that’s why I decided to make my own Brand Strategy process. 🌈

I’m not innovating, creating something new, or groundbreaking. Who am I to do that, really. I only wanted to eliminate anxiety and bring some sense of security by making a process that I can fully understand, control, transmit, and hopefully, create that same experience and feeling to anyone that might want to adopt it. So, instead of breaking already broken ground, I focused on bringing transparency and accessibility to a process. Not only for me but for everyone.

Follow the full process on Instagram (@craycrayowl)

The Blue Bird’s Way

A story

A map

The words

By hand

For you

The Blue Bird’s Way
Creating an atypical Brand Strategy process 📍

A. Getting to Know Myself
A1. First Steps
A2. My Feet and Wings
A3. Opening the Gates

— SOON —
B. Learning By Watching
C. Paving the Way — Shaping My Own Path
D. Paving the Way — A Brand’s Blue Feathers
E. Taking Off

Next Step:

A. Introduction

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