Steal My 36 Learnings From This Week | Snapshot Week #27

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Here, I’m sharing 36 learnings of the week. These learnings are the ones that I have derived from others’ writings. I’ve quoted the article’s source as well as the authors’ name because I’m a huge believer in gratitude.

Before jumping into the learnings, you might want to read the why and the how of this article. Trust me, the process is interesting. You’d like adopting the same.

So here we go:


  1. There is an easy button for almost everything we do. Keep reminding yourself that fewer headaches isn’t always beneficial | Shannon Ashley
  2. “Freedom isn’t unlimited choices. It’s choosing to live the way you desire in any given moment” | Kristi Andrus
  3. “How do I speak to myself when no one is around?” | Raul Ballesteros
  4. “From your perspective, what would you like to see from my company as the next step?” | Phil Hayes-St Clair
  5. “The Simplest Way to Build a New Habit” | Naveen Sivakumaran
  6. “To Have What You Want, You Must Give-Up What’s Holding You Back” | Benjamin P. Hardy


  1. “Look at how you perform when you don’t have to” |
  2. “Your headline is a great place to start” | Mathias Rin
  3. “The key to retaining any client: “Underpromise & Overdeliver” | Deb Knobelman, PhD
  4. “Pajamas and boxers are out of the equation” | Nicole Policarpio
  5. “Killer content entertains, educates, moves or improves people’s lives” | John P. Weiss
  6. “When you work for yourself, you are paying your own tuition” | Jill Carlson


  1. “Google Trends is a Content Writer’s BFF” | Erin Schroeder
  2. “When you love a person, you love their flaws as much as their good points. The same goes for any creative process” | Rosie Leizrowice
  3. “Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words” | Guy Ligertwood
  4. “Writing in many ways is like planting seeds. You plant seeds today for the person you eventually want to become.” | Srinivas Rao
  5. “White space is your reader’s friend” | Josh Spector
  6. “One of the greatest obstacles to becoming a master craftsman is the inability to tolerate something not being great. The key is to appreciate the road to mastery is a long and fleeting journey, but you can only get there if you keep going.” | Nick Maccarone


  1. “Always be closing” | Lincoln W Daniel
  2. “Hyper-personalized newsletters are now a thing” | The Startup Grind Team
  3. “What is the context of the post I’m about to read?” | Asia Matos
  4. “How do you figure out if you have a product issue or a growth issue? | Michael Rome
  5. “Aligning your “how” and your “what” with your “why” is key to seeking product-market fit that aligns with your company’s mission” | Kristen Proctor
  6. “The power of DMs” | Orlando González


  1. At the end of your pay cycle, your bank account balance should be zero since you’ve already allocated your savings and expenses and used the rest of your cash as spending money” | Samina Baig
  2. “Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant” | Michelle Birge
  3. Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world!
    He who understands it . . . earns it . . . he who doesn’t . . . pays it
    ” | Mehul
  4. “One of the best predictors of a person’s financial well-being is how much money they have saved.” | Andrew Bourne
  5. “If You Follow Traditional Advice, You’ll Probably Never Be Rich” | Anthony Moore
  6. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” | Michael Simmons


  1. “How can I help the next person?” | Nicolas Cole
  2. “Chip on your shoulder, “I’m going to change the world, just try and stop me” | Mark Suster
  3. “Your brand needs to have an active Instagram presence”| Quicksprout
  4. “How to collect customer feedback the right way” | Intercom
  5. “Activation, retention and more: growth lessons from the industry’s best” | Intercom
  6. “Document your plan” | KillerStartups

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