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Lalaina Rackson
May 25, 2016 · 3 min read

I just read this beautiful piece by Rachna Nayak Being a “pro” at losing in the game of life.

In this piece there are some beautiful wise advices from her grandmother. So I would suggest everyone to read what her grandmother had to say because we all can learn from it.

My favorite quote is:

“Life teaches you to lose. So be such a great loser that you lose all the pain that you have of losing.”

I’ve been losing many times in my life. I’ve lost many objects such as phones, wallets etc… I’ve recently lost my childhood house because my parents had to sell it. I’ve lost my friendship to people I shouldn’t have given it to. I’ve lost my heart to people I shouldn’t have given it to. I’ve lost my time to things I shouldn’t have done. I’ve lost my time to people I shouldn’t have given it to. Etcetera.

I’m a recurrent loser.

I lose all the time.

I lose against others. I lose against myself. I lose against time. I lose against life.

I just lose.

But that does not make me a loser.

Like Rachna Nayak’s grandmother said “be such a great loser that you lose all the pain that you have of losing.” I believe that this means that you are only going to be a loser in this game of life if you hang on to this pain you had when you lost.

And that is true.

If you hang on to this feeling of losing, then you will be and you will stay a loser.

But if you lose that feeling, if you lose that pain you had when faced by loss then you are what her grandmother calls a “great loser”. In other words, you are a winner! You are a winner because you chose to let go of that pain and this allowed you to find new ways to be happy again.

As I said in my story What is the reason?:

“Winners don’t stay down forever.”

You’re only going to be a real loser if you still hang on to your losses. So it is time for you to embrace your losses and to get back up to be the true winner that you really are!

Everyone loses.

Being a winner is not about who doesn’t lose.

Being a winner is about who loses but still has the force and the courage to get back up knowing that you will probably lose again and again and again. Because that is what life is. Life is about losing. You will constantly lose in life.

But eventually a true winner will win. Whether it is carreer wise, life wise, relationship wise, friendship wise… Whatever it is they want, they will get. But it requires to lose several times and to never ever give up! And by the way, not giving up is already a win in itself. So in a way, if you’re choosing to not stay down forever, if you’re choosing to get up and keep going, you already are a winner.

I’m going to end this story by quoting Rachna:

“Time to be a loser again.”

a.k.a “Time to be a winner again.”

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