Expository Pieces by Allison Washington

Allison Washington
2 min readJan 27, 2017


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(A partial list; selected pieces in reverse chronological order. Titles are links.)

Trans Women and the Police: Cairo, Amman, London, San Francisco, them., June 2018.

A sweeping reported piece comparing the treatment of trans women by law enforcement in the Middle East vs the West. The West doesn’t come off looking so great.

Languages in Gender Transition: English, French, Spanish, and Arabic

The changes (or lack thereof) taking place in languages as a result of changing perceptions of gender in society. Turns out English isn’t too bad.

UK Media Working Hard to Crush Trans People

The anti-trans moral panic being fueled by UK media.

Pass Fail: The hell of not being seen as your gender

The conflicts and complexities of ‘passing’ as a trans person.

‘Is Transface Offensive?’

The harm done when men dressed as women are seen to represent trans women.

About your shitty no-trans dating policy…

No, trans people aren’t obligated to disclose their trans status when dating; here’s why.

How does HRT work after GRS?

Information for transfeminine persons considering genital surgery. 2017.01.14

What’s it like to be a trans woman?

Just a small taste of what it’s like to be Allison. Published in Be Yourself. 2016.11.28

What is gender transition?

A run-down of everything involved in transfeminine gender transition, for those who want to know, cis or trans. 2016.11.21

‘We’re just normal, why do you call us cis?’

A deconstruction of the discussion around the term ‘cisgender’ and why the word matters so much. Published in Crossing (G)enres. 2016.11.19

Transfeminine Medical Transition — Costs & Considerations

A survey of the many choices and concerns surrounding medical transition. 2016.11.09

My Experiences of Transmisogyny

A discussion of what transmisogymy is and how it impacts the lives of trans women; with some of Allison’s experiences in this regard. 2016.11.02

My experience during the Trans Dark Ages

A recounting of Allison’s experience transitioning during the 1980s, with a more general discussion of the challenges trans women faced during the ‘Trans Dark Ages’. 2016.10.23

‘How do I know if I’m trans?’

Some thoughts for those trying to figure it all out. 2016.07.10