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Below you’ll find guides to autobiographical tales, essays on trans issues, explanations of the transfeminine experience, a few ‘how to trans’ primers, reviews, and the occasional poem.

Ms Washington is a woman with an unusual story. A woman who was assigned as-male at birth but was raised as a girl in 1960s Europe. A girl who, in her teens , was sent to 1970s America and forced to be a ‘boy’. Who returned to Europe and tried very hard to be the man society required, and failed.

As a transfeminine person, she recovered her womanhood in the 1980s, transitioning at a time when this was nearly impossible for most transgender people. As a woman, following transition, she disappeared into the woodwork of cisgender society for a quarter-century, ignorant of the changes taking place in society around issues of sex and gender. In the summer of 2016 she suddenly and accidently found herself swept into a Trans Pride march, into the modern trans community, and became a writer, publishing more than 50 stories in her first year.

Allison’s Greatest Hits

Medium Front Page: Girl, Cured., What He Did to Her, Seventeen: Sex and the Trans Girl, Love and Disclosure as a Trans Woman, The Woman I Left in San Francisco.
Medium Audio: Love and Disclosure as a Trans Woman.

Other most-read stories: Is Transface Offensive?, Three Times a Virgin, What’s it like to be a trans woman?, My experience during the Trans Dark Ages, Metamorphosis, I Am (Not) Native American, I’ve Been Cracked, How I Got from Medium to the Front Pages of Major Media in 10 months.

Stories of Allison Washington’s Life

A full catalogue is here.

My Life in Moments— A continuously growing series of very brief vignettes from Allison’s life.

Girl— A series spanning Allison’s childhood, plus aftermath.

Metamorphosis— How Allison coped during her mid-teens, and an intense experience from that time.

Seventeen: Sex and the Trans Girl — On her own at age 17, Allison sleeps with a man for the first time.

The Woman I Left in San Francisco — Driven mad by gender dysphoria, Allison does a really shitty thing to someone and disappears across an ocean.

Conflicted Romance— Love, sex, and disclosure: Allison tries to sort out romance with men after transition.

Three Times a Virgin— A retelling of the scenes in Seventeen and Conflicted Romance, with a different focus, more background, and more sex. Published in SELF Magazine.

What He Did to Her— Allison recounts her rape.

Twined Fragments — Two transfeminine authors of different generations pass memories back and forth. An ongoing collaboration with author and artist Miriam Suzanne.

Allison Washington’s Essays and Explanations

A catalogue of selected articles is here.

‘Ask Me Anything’ — Allison answers questions from readers, at length.

‘How do I know if I’m trans?’— Some thoughts for those trying to figure it all out.

What is gender transition? — A run-down of everything involved in transfeminine gender transition, for those who want to know, cis or trans.

What’s it like to be a trans woman? — A small taste of what it’s like to be Allison.

‘We’re just normal, why do you call us cis?’ — The trouble with ‘normal’ and why ‘cisgender’ is necessary. (Además en español.)


The Life I Deserved, This is my Body. This is Me., One Evening, Whispered to an Egg.

Reviews & Interviews by Allison Washington

Allison talks to and about other creative trans people. A full catalogue is here.

Selected Correspondence and Commentary

Allison corresponds a lot, and here is a selection of the (hopefully) more interesting bits. (Usually nowhere near up-to-date. Sigh.)

Audio, Video, and Podcasts

The Alice & Mia Show
Cracked: More Tales From The Trans Dark Ages
Gender Odyssey 2016 presentation
Love and Disclosure as a Trans Woman

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Thank you so much for reading, and especially to all of you who have so generously shared my work, corresponded with me, and supported me financially. I would especially like to thank Jayne Tucek, Lis Regula, Beth Adele Long, Maya Stroshane, Stevie Lantalia Metke, and J. Morefield who provide major monthly financial support.❤ Allison

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