Image from NYT piece on Lincoln in the Bardo

One of my favorite ways to revisit books I’ve read is to look at the quotes I highlighted. Here are my favorite quotes from the books I read in 2017. …

It wasn’t until I began working at Facebook that I started to understand the challenge of designing products to solve problems for people.

I’ve learned that most of my design work has nothing to do with pixels and everything to do with working as part of a team to solve…

Forget everything you thought you knew about Design. Here is a list of some of the go-to terms for designers.

“Apple does it this way.”

Last summer I switched teams at Facebook. My first project seemed simple enough: redesign the sign up flow for Facebook Lite, an app for low-end Android phones.

I couldn’t wait to start the project. It seemed like a textbook design problem. “Reduce confusion and friction for people signing up for…

I recently updated my Notes plugin for Sketch and wanted to share some tips that have helped me through some frustrating hours of coding.

Notes now includes colors, resolution options, and the ability to hide notes.

1 | Keep it simple

I’d been thinking about making a plugin for Sketch for a while. …

Emojis. They’re a strange step towards the simplification of language that George Orwell predicted in 1984. The only difference is millennials and the desire to look hip are leading the charge, not Big Brother.

They can be intimidating at first, so to help you connect with your beloved child, here…

Jason Cashdollar

Product designer at Facebook · Playing outside · 🍩 ☕️ 🏄

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