Salesforce Spring ’24 Release Notes — The Funny-ish Summary — Volume I

Mustapha El Hassak
3 min readJan 9, 2024

In the cloud, innovation takes flight, unburdened by servers.

This article is one of many other volumes for the Spring ’24 Release Notes — The Funny-ish Summary. If you want to jump to a specific Topic please use the links at the bottom of this page.

General Enhancements

  • If you think 5 minutes is too much! Starting next release (SUMMER ’24), no downtime for major release upgrades on Hyperforce. The users who are already online will just be asked to log in again.
  • The setup pages will be moved to a new domain, something like * Make sure to add it to your allowlists.
  • “Something you Know” is no more sufficient! MFA enforcement is scheduled to begin Starting APRIL 8, 2024. As a reminder MFA is CONTRACTUALLY required since FEBRUARY 1ST 2022. Roadmap this 👉 Way!

Salesforce Scheduler

  • New Flow on the Block! Reassign Multiple Service Appointments to selected service resource or to the service resources that Salesforce Scheduler suggests based on availability.
  • Concurrency is like having multiple tabs open in your brain! Service resources will be able to book many appointments for the same time slot, for the selected topics and within the selected shift.
  • Operating hours are craving some serious alone time! The organization-wide default sharing setting for the Operating Hours object is set to Private.

Einstein Search

  • Einstein Search Answers is now GA.
  • Einstein Search is now enabled in all Salesforce orgs, because who needs options when you can have mandatory innovation forced upon you? Resistance is futile, welcome to the Einstein era!
  • Customize the Search Experience and add field rules to your search query configuration in Search Manager. BETA.

Salesforce Data Pipelines

  • Nobody likes a flatlining transformation surprise! Right?! So, before you run your recipes, make sure they’ll run correctly by previewing results of hierarchical data in aggregate nodes and flatten transformations.
  • It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities! Meet Data Prep Concurrency Allocation which will allow you to choose how to allocate jobs to dataflows & recipes that run in parallel. Previously we had to stick to two dataflows and one recipe at a time.
  • Auditors gonna Audit! Get more information about data prep jobs that are running off schedule or when they were canceled and by who.
  • Data about your Data! New usage information includes the number of external uploads, the total number of dataflow and recipe runs in a rolling 24-hour period & monthly count of rows output by recipes.
  • Trigger your recipes based on External Connection Syncs. Plus you can select multiple events. BETA. Previously this was only possible with Internal Connection Syncs.
  • Amazon Athena Connector is now GA.



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