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George Kary
Jul 6, 2018 · 3 min read

Introduce speed into your news analysis, without sacrificing quality.

Increase your news analysis speed without sacrificing quality

Earlier this year, after securing an investment, being verified by Nieman Labs of Harvard itself, upgrading our technology stack, introducing the Media Landscape Analysis at the European Parliament and setting up shop right in the heart of gorgeous Athens, we expedited our benchmarking and development of our technology with a specific strategy in mind:

We are not doing it alone.

In our pursuit of understanding the components of news analysis and how to optimally combine our technology with news production and data journalism, we crunch, grind, research and test repeatedly, together with our partners.

With you.

However you do news, whether you are a small blog, a rising publishing star, a big news agency, halfway across the globe or really limited by resources, it still, in fact, makes you the news expert that technology needs.

And fighting fake news, is about news.

A Few Words

We work with eligible beta partners on a two-stage process .

The purpose is to contextualize information in a manner that directly enables you to maintain quality news production without sacrificing speed.

Mitigating, if not eradicating, your risk in fake content.

We are currently testing our technology with sources written in the English language — regardless of origin or subject.

Here are some of the types and examples of our analyses:

We prioritise the needs of our beta partners in our library of analysis cases and, more often than not, we focus on conceptualising, developing and rapidly testing features that, first and foremost, work for them.

Beta partners have access to all aspects of our technology, currently — and not limited by — the Article and Media Landscape Analyses, SDK and robust API.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the two stages:

The pilot stage is about the quality.

During our first stage of collaboration with beta partners, we work on a request basis, doing the heavy-lifting of you having to actually translate all the raw internet data into coherent information.

This enables us to understand your methods and, together, lay down the groundwork on your technology needs for quality news production.

The production stage is about the speed.

On the second stage, we work with our beta partners on integrating our technology solutions directly into the production pipeline.

Our ultimate goal is to enhance your news analysis and data journalism by combining automation speed with quality of information.

For all your small-scale needs and large-scale efforts.

What Now?

We love to do business on a face-to-face level. So, if you’re interested in becoming a Beta Partner, please do submit this form or give us a call.

Just in case you have questions about Beta Partners, feel free to drop us a line at or send us a tweet.

FightHoax empowers news analysis and data journalism with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Learn more at

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