What is a GSTAR Token and what can I do with it?

In short, a GSTAR Token is the fuel for all related activities on the GSTAR Ecosystem and you can do a lot with it. Before you continue reading this, be sure to understand what the whole GSTAR Ecosystem is about, and for that, please read this.

The GSTAR Token, not to be confused with a Star, is what you need to carry out all the functions on the Ecosystem. Namely — trading exploration, optimization, robustness testing, leasing of Stars, buying/selling Stars, and evolving Stars.

Trading exploration — this is simply the creation of a trade idea, that we call a Star. It’s free to try out creating, as many Stars and you want using our Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. When you’ve decided on the Star that you like and want to deploy, a small fee is charged in GSTAR Tokens.

Optimization — there’s endless variables that you can test, in order to make your Star better. You can tweak parameters, variables, limits, and back test them on the system. As all these require a huge amount of computing power, GSTAR Tokens will be used to cover the costs.

Robustness Testing — while optimization helps to improve your Star based on past results, robustness testing can check if your Star can withstand future events. Once again, such testing will require fees in GSTAR Tokens to cover the costs of processing.

Our Market Place — this is the area where most of our users will be keen. For users without a well tested trading strategy, they can lease Stars from proven traders and view their track record on our leaderboard. Once again, GSTAR Tokens will be used for these transactions. Creators of Stars can monetize their ideas, while those will little knowledge; can make potential profits by tapping on their ideas that are proven to work. In addition, Star owners can sell their Stars, together will all the ‘lessees’

Evolution — lastly, if you own 2 very successful Stars, but want to make it even better, you can evolve them. Behind the scenes, our AI powered system will be testing millions of combinations to eventually churn out a recommended ‘offspring’. GSTAR Tokens will be needed to fuel this process.

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