Part 7: Re-organise the forms using Sections

Sections here will help us to know the structure of our app. How mamy forms, reports, dashboard, etc are there and how they are organised in the app. We have option to edit, move around the sections and delete also (For admins mainly).

· Go to edit mode

· Click on Sections — extreme left column and the last one.

· It will show you another column with options under the heading of Application Settings.

· Go the Section part. Click on it. Then it will show the sections as shown in the below image

· If you recollect we created Form called Vacation Request Form to collect the Vacation Request from Employees. As told you in earlier parts, once we create a form, Zoho automatically creates its report. So the Vacation Request Form Report. The next report which you are seeing in the first form is Vacation Report which we created using report option to view the vacation request in calendar format. So is the details under Employee Information Data. Finally we also created a page to view the dashboard. You can move the data wherever you feel it should be by clicking on that column and moving it to which ever place you want it to be. You can also hide or delete the data here.

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