Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room: you’ve done this already and you don’t even know it. Probably not to the extreme that the title of this article is inferring, but let’s just say we have all gossiped a little bit at some point.

What does gossip lead to?

Destruction at your workplace and in your team. Want to demotivate your coworkers? Then don’t follow anything you read in this article.

Workplaces are becoming less and less healthy with the progression of technology. It becomes easier to gossip about others via text message, email, Snapchat, Facebook and even LinkedIn. Productivity decreases and the professionalism begins to tank. While this will not likely lead to bankruptcy, it could lead to you losing your most talented employees.

How do we right the course?

Hash it out! Corporations are losing grips on conflict and friction. These two things if fostered in the right manner can help your business, startup and company burst through barriers.

Say YES to saying NO. Disagreement is often frowned upon in the workplace, whether it’s with your boss or your peers. Why create the drama? Get up from your desk, turn off your monitor. This is not a free pass to not do any work though. This is a pass to be creative and challenge the mainstream thinking. You may be overruled in the end, but it helps foster an environment of growth. When you fall in line you begin to harbor thoughts of resentment and gossip. If the opportunity is there, then you get to talk it out.

Leaders promote and foster an positive environment. Leadership needs to be involved in the process of providing an outlet for good culture. A lot of leaders fall into the same pattern and promote gossip, so let’s own our company and bring positivity back into our work.

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