KotoWars Alpha, Season 2: Poison and cryptokitties prizes

Jan 25, 2019 · 4 min read

Hello Purriors

Two weeks have passed since the start of the first season. During this time several people have played KotoWars Alpha and we kept working on the game and the results seem very promising. It is possible that we will be able to please you with the multiplayer mode in February giving you the opportunity to challenge not only the Stitches but also your friends (or enemies!).

As we promised, our Alpha is a constantly updating demo that divided into seasons. And we want to report that Season 1: Heal is coming to an end. We will summarize the results a bit later upon completion and reward all players from the top10 of the leaderboard. You still have time to get there during around two days since there are six unclaimed positions with KATs awards.

The new season of KotoWars Alpha starts on Monday 28th at 00:00 UTC (or Sunday 27th, 4 PM PDT)
We will also need to shut down our servers few hours prior to the new season so don’t leave everything to the last minute :)

Season 2: Poison

In new season we are introducing new specialistPoisoner, as well as an ability of Stitches to poison your champion.

At the moment, venom mechanics in KotoWars works like this:

Poisoner specialist:

  • Poisoner costs 2 fishes to play
  • The user plays a card on the table
  • Poisoner poisons Stitches and runs away (doesn’t appear as a token on the table)
  • Stitches loses 3 hp for every Poisoner played each turn until the end of the game
  • Damage of Poisoners stacks up (two poisonings damage Stitches on 4 hp per turn, 3 poisonings — on 6 hp and so on)

Stitches poison:

  • There is a chance to poison a champion with every hook hit
  • The champion loses 1 hp for every poisoning at the start of the turn
  • The poison lasts till the end of the game

The recipe of Poisoners is: spangled + scarlet

As with the Healer, you do not need a manual to train a poisoner either. All your scarlet + spangled cats are already poisoners. You just need to find them among your cats and add to the gang.

Season 2 Awards

The value of KATs will grow with more details we release on how you can use them in future, so we wanted to give you something of value right now and are pleased to announce that we are going to award our players from the top10 of the leaderboard with real cryptokitties in addition to KATs.

So the leader will receive 10 KATs and one Gen1 cryptokitty to his ethereum wallet, the second place will be awarded with 9 KATs and Gen2 cryptokitty, and so on and so on, to the tens place with 1 KAT and Gen10 cryptokitty.
In case of equality of points, those players will receive the same number of tokens, corresponding to a lower position they hold in the ranking (e.g. if 2nd and 3rd places get the same score, both players will get the award for 3rd place) and the cryptokitties of the same generation corresponding to the position they share.

You can find examples of those cryptokitties at KotoWars account at cryptokitties.

We want to emphasize that the only requirement to play KotoWars Alpha is to own at least one cryptokitty, which you can choose to be your Champion.
You can forge the remaining 32 fighters in our Constructor and take the part in the game.

Only specialists cannot be forged, so you need to own a cloudwhite + pouty cat if you want the Healer in your gang or spangled + scarlet cat if you want the Poisoner.

Congratulations to the future winners of the first season, we will send you KATs upon completion of the season. Take part in the new seasons, win the cryptokitties and KATs and send your feedback in our media channels.

KotoWars Team

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