KotoWars Alpha, Season 3: Mercenaries. Training-mode

Hello our pawesome friends

A month has passed since the start of KotoWars Alpha.

During these four weeks, we received dozens of registrations, concluded two seasons, introduced specialists and hints to future elements of gameplay and distributed KATs and cryptokitties among the winners. You can see the list of champions and their awards at the leaderboard page.

This month was also very productive in aspects which are not very visible from the outside: we’ve made the basis for the future Kotowars multiplayer engine and structured the concepts of the progression system for players and their champions. We’ve got some of ideas from our players and were very pleased with this feedback.

The current length of 14 days seems to be an optimal duration for seasons upon alpha so we are planning to keep it this way.
Today we want to announce the start of a new season of KotoWars Alpha:

Season 3: Mercenaries

Tavern in KotoWars

The season brings the Tavern — the place where you can hire few specialists for your deck! You can find the tavern tab on the edit deck screen.

Even though the community perceived specialities very well, we understand the desire to test it before buying cryptokitties from the market.

So each season there will be eight specialists available for players to add to their decks and use them in the game. The list of trained cats will change seasonally, but everyone will be able to test their skills without the need to buy real cryptokitties.

We want to emphasize that the only requirement to play KotoWars Alpha is to own at least one cryptokitty at the ethereum wallet. This cat will be the Champion who controls the gangs.

New specialists

This season we add three more specialists to the game:


This kitties have few cards up to their sleeves

Only Ganado kitties with Beards can become Magicians

Magician draw three more cards from the deck during the game.


As they say: thyme heals all wounds

These green kitties are of Hintomint and Emeraldgreen colours

Herbalist can cure poison and also adds a passive regeneration to the champion, providing small healing effect every turn.

Mad Archer

Mad Archer
This kitty has its own opinion on the effective use of range weapons!

Hennas with Wonky eyes are mad enough to be archers

Mad Archer is the first specialist who can inflict AOE-damage on opponents. So as Healer he enters the battlefield and his parameters depend on kitties FUR.

A list of all specialists and their features you can find at our website. This page will update and improve over time.

If you have any wishes for what your kitty can do in the game, then do not hesitate to tell us. We will definitely think about it, and if the cat does not greatly affect the game balance or, on the contrary, successfully fits into the gameplay, then we will be happy to add it to the list of future specialists.

By the way, thanks to Alan, we know that our Poisoners are a good basis for a hidden pizza fancy, since they share two traits: spangled and scarlet.

Poisoners and Pizzazz


Stitches is not a very convenient opponent to test the deck. Therefore, we have introduced Training mode for players.

It is a sketch of the future multiplayer, and not a full-fledged PvE campaign.

On the training ground, KnightKitty Louie uses the same deck as a player and plays one kitty every turn. There is no task to defeat him and this is an excellent platform to check the kitties with different attack/defense or elements and different specialists without haste.

So sign up, download the client, try the mechanics and earn KATs and cryptokitties. We are looking forward to your feedback!

KotoWars Team