A life of a cat — Chapter 3: Attack of disaster

This is a story my daughter is working on. As such, the following is a direct transcription of her draft for chapter 3. You can find chapter 1 here.

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I mostly hung out with Delilah. One day, a cat attacked me and threw me to the ground. He had his claws open and said, "die or surrender, 'cuz you're gonna be having a bad time, kiddo." Delilah shot her eyes at me and kicked the cat in the face. But it was too late. He already scratched us both. When I woke up, I was opening my eyes slowly. I heard the voices of two kids, singing "Kitty, Kitty. We found a kitty, and we can't resist adopting it!". The kid showed a mirror at my face before I even got up. I saw a scar over my eye. It was shaped like a thunderbolt. The kids picked me up, and took me in. There was Delilah, with fear.

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