A life of a cat — Chapter 4: Life is a big fear

This is a story my daughter is working on. As such, the following is a direct transcription of her draft for chapter 4. You can find chapter 1 here.

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The kids put me in a big bedroom, and locked it shut. "Oh, great, the doors locked now", I said under my heavy, strong breath. I turned my head, and noticed Delilah in the sheets. "Dude, how the heck did you get in here?!", she said. "The kids probably found me laying straight on the sidewalk," I grummbled. "Probably trying to keep me for the rest of their lives!" the kids found me all laying down on the sidewalk not too damaged," she said with a deep sigh. I turned my head and said: "Did you know who that cat was?". "Ritsip," she answered. "He's terrible."

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