A life of a cat — Chapter 9: Meows continue

This is a story my daughter is working on. As such, the following is a direct transcription of her draft for chapter 9. You can find chapter 1 here.

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"How come you're so harsh?" I asked. "Oh, my apologies. My name is Aura." "Oh for Pete's sake!" said Delilah. "You're slowing us down from the dog that's evi-" I put a paw on her mouth. "We are far enough from the dog for him to even see us." "That is true, although I am an Adult," said Aura. Everyone's eyes except for mine and Oran's grew wide. "You're an adult?!" Shouted Delilah and Pepsi. "Seriously? How is that surprising?" I said. "She does not look like an adult!" said Delilah, with Pepsi trying to repeat. "Delilah, really? All of a sudden you're so nice, now you have gone insane," Pepsi shouted. To be honest, all of them except Delilah agreed with him. "So why are you being so rude? We're gonna separate if you and Aura keep fighting!" That part, we also agreed. Delilah started to blush, but tears came off her face even more. "F-Fine," she stammered and sniffed, "If you don't like me, go without me on your adventure!" "Delilah!" I shouted. She did not look. "Delilah, we didn't mean to hurt your feelings…" "GO AWAY!!" She shouted. "I-I DON'T WANNA SEE YOUR FACE!"Just then, Aura hurled in front of Delilah. "You're not going anywhere." She dragged Delilah back. But all she did was run away really quick and say, "I HATE YOU!!!"

In no time she was out of sight. Meows continues…

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