Essential gear for schooling at home

Whether your kids are signed up for hybrid, remote learning, or homeschooling, here are some essential supplies to help parents at home survive these challenging times:

1. Acoustic Blankets

Use as a soundproofing curtain in your open plan apartment during simultaneous Zoom meetings. Blanket also provides a hiding place where parents’ screams are muffled.


Open wide but keep your mouth shut

Based on a true story, Image by author

Nine out of ten dentists agree that oversharing with patients is not recommended. I had that one dentist who did cross the TMI boundary, as I lay helpless in the torture chair. In fact, scientific studies show that when dentists reveal too much personal information about themselves, patients suffer adverse, long-lasting reactions.

Patient side effects from prolonged oversharing may include:

  1. Bleeding gums
  2. Ears bursting into flames
  3. Flashing back to middle school, when you were forced to work with Courtney on a science project and all she did was talk about her favorite gum flavors and tanning salons
  4. Growing tusks
  5. Hallucinating that the saliva extractor is sucking the hygienist…


Prepare yourself for post-pandemic social life

Evolution and Preparation

Thanks to vaccines, the world is opening up again. The thought of venturing out to offices and public spaces for face-to-face social gatherings may seem daunting, but here are some ways to help prepare yourself for this transition:

Step 1: Start with a relaxing, industrial-strength cleanse

Tapper, Donkey Kong, and Asteroids get a refresh


Image by author

Get ready. Never mind the surge of Covid cases, states are dropping pandemic restrictions and the bar is open. As head bartender, brace yourself for a deluge of non-vaccinated customers and conspiracy theorists, thirsty for company and drinks. You must act fast to tap vaccines from vials and shoot approaching patrons with vaccine darts. But pay attention: some customers will need a double shot, and others a single. Lose one life if they get too close.



Get prepped for working out at home

Image created by author

Shaving off the pounds and staying fit can be challenging, especially when going to the gym is not an option. Here are some tips to get you prepped and pumped for at-home workouts:

  1. Excavate the treadmill or any old exercise equipment, likely located under a pile of clothes that no longer fits and stacks of unread self-improvement books.
  2. Clean off your exercise machine. Remove the plants growing in its cracks. Apologize to the spiders for destroying their multilevel forever home of webs. They are pissed.
  3. Cleaning burns calories, so take the rest of the day off and relax.
  4. Compile a…

After four decades, it’s time for a refresh


After forty years of running around in relentless pursuit, it’s no surprise that the ghosts are damn tired of chasing Pac-Man. Even a few of them are looking for love in all the wrong mazes. After Ms. Pac-Man leaves her husband to start her own more challenging adventure game, Pac-Man realizes that there’s more to life than eating the same bland dots day after day. Even fruity power pellets aren’t fulfilling. So in a change of heart, Pac-Man opens himself up to something exciting and new…Wacca Wacca Wacca.


Lynn I. Hsu

Lynn is an architect, humor writer, and doodler in Boston. She is teaching her dog to howl at her jokes. Website:, Comics:

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