Building Product In A Week (Day 5 & 6) — Enjoying The Struggle

There were no summaries for the past two days. I've been rewriting whole project. Again. This time in Angular.

I fell in love with Angular. Total spaghetti project suddenly become nicely organized, well written and scalable. Before I switched from pure jQuery to Angular features like routing or reusing and injecting HTML parts were making me to tear my hair out. Now I enjoy them. I even want to code them.

Left — current project directory, properly organized. Right — old project directory, total mess.

I have no plans for rewriting the app again. This finally feels right. I must admit that from the development point of view I don't have much to write about. Development is going great now. Maybe a little bit slow but it'll get faster once I finish reading through techniques mentioned in documentation. By the way, Angular's documentation is super nice. Mostly Fundamentals and Techniques. Such a joy to learn.

URL changes with different views!

Obviously I’m not finishing or launching this project in 7 days — that is today. From the time point of view, I failed the challenge. From the experience point of view though, this was best challenge I’ve decided to do in a long time. Am I experienced web developer now? No. Do I know how to approach web related projects in more clear way and actually build them with much less pain? Yes!

The whole challenge is pushing me, making me to move and iterate faster. Time pressure, interaction with people commenting my posts, new technologies, new problems, and much more. All this helped me a lot to learn and build something new. I’m still surprised how much one can learn in such a short time. Same as I’m surprised how much I enjoy working under pressure. I know it might sound weird but the higher the pressure gets the more excited I get. Go figure 🤷‍♂️.
Embrace the struggle, it’ll push you forward.

With the development part getting more stable it's time to start asking more troubling questions — how do I get any users to use this? Should I concentrate only on a single city? If so which one?
I'll discuss these questions in a separate post. I have some ideas to tackle these issues. I still need few days to think that through. Now back to coding.

I'll keep posting on Medium. Maybe not every day but every time once I cross an important milestone. The next will probably be being able to list items for rent or to message other users within the app.

Big thank you to every one for reading my posts and for the feedback 🙏.

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