Pearl Lam is a Gallerist, Patron and Podcast Host

Pearl Lam (林明珠) is a leading authority on Asian art, design and the global contemporary art market. Her commitment to art and design is rooted in her longstanding mission to reimagine China’s cultural place in the world and to promote cultural exchange. Her galleries in Hong Kong and Shanghai are recognized worldwide for their intellectual ambition and influence.

The Pearl Lam Podcast
27 min readAug 9, 2023
Pearl Lam is a leading authority on Asian art, design and the global contemporary art market.

A Foreword From The Producer

Pearl Lam could have lived an enviable life simply by following the path that was predestined for her by her family. But she instead chose to rebel against her family and against convention and to forge her own life path that is focused on her passion for contemporary art.

Thanks to that prescient early decision, today Pearl Lam is a doyenne of the contemporary art world. With over 20 years of experience at the forefront of reimagining China’s cultural place, Pearl Lam is a gallerist, a collector, a patron and a leading authority on Asian art, design and the global contemporary art market.

Her commitment to art and design is rooted in her longstanding mission to develop and promote cultural exchange between East Asia and the world. Her eponymous galleries in Hong Kong and Shanghai are recognized worldwide for their intellectual ambition and influence.

As Founder of Pearl Lam Galleries, Pearl Lam continues to discover and elevate the best contemporary artists and to break new boundaries. With physical galleries in Hong Kong and Shanghai but a cultural influence that is global, Pearl Lam wields her sword of soft power to smash conventions; to tear down barriers and to disrupt the established hierarchy by breaking outmoded precepts about contemporary art and artists.

A recurrent theme in the Pearl Lam story is her ability to bridge cultures and to elevate the platforms of the artists that she represents. Pearl Lam has exhibited Western artists to great acclaim in China whilst simultaneously elevating Chinese contemporary artists on the international stage. In 2023 Pearl Lam also embraced the mantle of giving greater prominence to artists of African origin.

Pearl Lam is also spearheading a movement as a cultural commentator against homogenous cultures that celebrates differences and fosters cultural unity through art to bridge cultural divides. Engendering the values of her charity, The China Art Foundation, Pearl Lam is championing art as a common lingua franca that can foster better understanding about different cultures, especially between East and West.

As her illustrious career continues, Pearl Lam is increasingly sharing her experiences so that the next generation can draw from them to synthesise their own ideas for forging a unique path in life. Credited as one of the most powerful women in Asian business and one of the most powerful women in Hong Kong; Pearl Lam is also sharing the lessons of her experiences as an expert speaker at major global events for the FT, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan and as a Forbes Business Council member.

In 2023 Pearl launched The Pearl Lam Podcast. The popular YouTube podcast seeks to spotlight voices from the worlds of art, food, design and architecture who have followed their creative convictions and challenged convention. The popular podcast covers diverse subjects including ‘A Black History Of Art’; ‘The Journey To Michelin Stardom’, ‘The Fine Art Of Architecture’, ‘Mr Doodle In Space’ and ‘Pablo Picasso 50 Years On’.

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The Producer, The Pearl Lam Podcast

A Torchbearer for Contemporary Art

Pearl Lam’s journey into the contemporary art world was not predestined. Born into a prosperous Hong Kong family whose substantial interests spanned manufacturing, real estate and later also TV and media; the early expectation was that Pearl’s career would chart into the family business.

Pearl Lam had an inherent passion for contemporary art from a young age.

From an early age Pearl Lam had a burning passion for art, but it wasn’t seen as a suitable career by her parents. In 1993 they sent her to Shanghai to learn about property development.

In Shanghai Pearl Lam, found herself falling deeper into a world that was far removed from real estate. After three months in the real estate business, Pearl Lam saved up her salary and spent it all in one go at a gallery in Hong Kong on two paintings by artist Sun Liang.

These were the first Chinese works that Pearl Lam had collected and the first serious works that she had ever owned. She befriended Sun Liang, who introduced her to the art scene in Shanghai, taking Pearl to galleries and to artist studios. This experience revealed Pearl’s true calling in life.

Today Pearl Lam stands as an influential force in the contemporary art world, bravely challenging the orthodoxy and encouraging exploration.

Pearl envisages transporting people beyond their preconceived notions of art and culture and showcasing cross-cultural dialogues that break artistic boundaries. She seeks out new artists whose work transcends conventional mediums, often favouring multidisciplinary creators whose artwork offers fresh narratives and profound meaning.

Pearl Lam is also known for her flair for understanding the varied interests of different art appreciators and collectors. She educates collectors to thoroughly understand an artwork before investing, emphasising the importance of cultivating an appreciation for an artwork’s inherent significance. She nurtures this ethos at her galleries, which also work to bridge the East-West gap in perceptions of contemporary art.

A Journey Originating in Cultural Relativism

In the 1990s Pearl Lam organised her first avant-garde pop-up exhibitions in Hong Kong, and in 2003, was tasked with curating and mounting an exhibition as part of the French Year in China entitled “Awakening: La France Mandarine — The French Influence on Chinese Art”.

Pearl Lam has always instinctively sought to carve her own path as a gallerist.

This experience gave Pearl Lam further access to Chinese artists who were still not on the international radar. Learning from scholars like Professor Gao Minglu, Pearl Lam found it to be such a confirmatory experience that soon after she decided to open her first gallery space in Shanghai.

At the time the prevailing artistic obsession in Shanghai was with propaganda art. This type of art was a reflection of the zeitgeist and public sentiments and it had the art domain firmly in its grip in the early 2000s.

But Pearl Lam instinctively sought to carve her own path. By embracing her offbeat convictions, she envisioned fostering a platform that could extend beyond the commonly treaded path, catapulting independent contemporary Chinese artists toward global recognition.

An iconoclast by nature and a stalwart of cultural relativism — a principle asserting that no culture can claim superiority over others and that all are unique expressions of human creativity — Pearl Lam dreamt of diversifying a contemporary art space. At the time the appreciation of contemporary art was predominantly influenced by longstanding Western precepts, to the exclusion of voices from other cultural backgrounds, especially Asian artists.

When Pearl Lam opened her first physical gallery — Contrasts Gallery — in 2005, it transcended the convention of being a mere exhibition space displaying meticulously chosen art pieces; instead blossoming into a creative platform where diverse cultural voices convened.

Every piece that found its place in Pearl Lam’s collection was thoughtfully chosen to align with her vision of celebrating diversity in art. In 2011 Contrasts was renamed ‘Pearl Lam Galleries’ as Pearl Lam enjoyed growing success and appreciation as a global doyenne of contemporary art.

From Art Aficionado to International Gallerist

Before embarking into the ‘business’ of contemporary art, Pearl Lam was herself an art collector. This tenure gave her a deep affinity and understanding of contemporary art that would significantly influence her future trajectory. Her ability to connect with artists, dealers, and collectors led to the accumulation of a global network of contacts.

A well-rounded knowledge of the artworks, the artists, and latterly the machinery behind art promotion and distribution, meant that from the moment that Pearl Lam launched her first gallery, she was able to secure compelling exhibits, artists and artworks which captivated audiences.

In 1993 when Pearl Lam had started collecting Chinese art, there had been no Chinese art market and no Chinese clients. In 1995 only tourists would buy contemporary Chinese art. Yet the early 2000’s saw rapidly increasing interest in Western contemporary art within Asia, which propelled Pearl Lam into the spotlight and began to cement her vanguard platform for promoting and elevating contemporary art and artists within Asia.

Pearl Lam embraced and cultivated her platform, using it to introduce China’s artists to Western collectors whilst also encouraging Chinese collectors to diversify their collection with works by international artists.

Pearl Lam has fervently supported and promoted talented Chinese artists like Su Xiaobai, and Zhu Jinshi . Her gallery has featured artists whose work ignited a profound dialogue or challenged existing understanding. Artists Leonardo Drew, Mr Doodle, Zanele Muholi, Antony Micallef, Pang Tao, Su Xiaobai and Zhu Jinshi were selected for by Pearl Lam for solo shows owing to their exceptional capability to address cultural, historical or philosophical issues through their art.

And as her platform continued to grow, Pearl repeatedly highlighted the importance of cultural relativism within the art industry. She regularly voiced her view that art should not be judged based on traditional Western precepts, but respected and valued based on its own cultural context. She began to carve out an avenue for lesser-known artists to be acknowledged and also pushing for Chinese contemporary art to be recognized globally — something that she is widely credited with having achieved.

Her penchant for innovation also led Pearl Lam to embrace new media art; embracing art forms created with digital and multimedia technologies, such as digital art, computer graphics, computer animation and virtual reality. Such innovations further cemented Pearl Lam’s reputation as an iconoclast and a persistent challenger to traditional art norms. This allowed her to draw more attention onto the artists that she represents.

When Pearl Lam is frequently referred to by others as “iconic”, it is in testament to her ability to fuse a compelling narrative and experiences with an understanding of different cultures and an unwavering willingness to push boundaries. Her journey resonates far and wide and underlines her significance as a vibrant advocate for cultural understanding.

Cultivating Cross-Cultural Understanding

Cultivating cross cultural understanding is why Pearl Lam launched The China Art Foundation in 2008. The Foundation was formed in recognition of how the unprecedented transformation through which China was passing raised many cultural issues for China and for the rest of the world.

For China, the pace and nature of change raised questions about the ways China will remain Chinese and in the ways which ways it will go global. At the same time, Europe and the US were faced with the complex question of how to integrate China’s past and present into their own received stories.

Pearl Lam founded The China Art Foundation as a charity to nurture knowledge about the history of Chinese traditions of art and culture within the world’s contemporary cultural communities. She aimed to provide the West with opportunities to understand the complex history of Chinese culture and to make it more comprehensible; whilst also providing opportunities for artists in China and the West to explore each other’s cultures and traditions.

Pearl Lam’s commitment to interlacing Eastern and Western cultures is also vividly embodied in her galleries’ exhibitions, which often serve as dialogues that prompt audiences to delve into and to comprehend diverse cultural subtleties. It is here that Pearl Lam’s ambition to foster cross-cultural dialogue is perhaps most vividly realised, contributing significantly to the global conversation about art’s universal language.

Pearl Lam’s 2013 exhibition, “Chinese Contemporary Abstract, 1980s Until Present” demonstrated the richness and variety of Chinese contemporary abstract art from the 1980s until the present day and sought to answer the question: “Is contemporary Chinese abstract merely an echo of the West?”

The exhibition sought to deconstruct the Western notion that Chinese contemporary abstract art was derivative of Western abstract expressionism. It explored the differences in the approach of Chinese artists to abstraction, and delved into what Chinese art shares with the West — and in what ways it is distinctive.

Pearl Lam’s patronage and endorsement is closely followed by art collectors, and by 2023 Pearl was already well-known for her role in bringing Chinese contemporary artists into the international market whilst also elevating Western artists in China.

At Art Cologne 2023 Pearl Lam took the pivotal decision to shed light on the vibrant artistic landscape of the African continent, by exhibiting only artists from the continent. Her stated aim was to challenge preconceived notions and to redefine the narrative surrounding African art by fostering cross-cultural dialogue and shedding more light on the vibrant artistic landscape of the African continent.

Pearl Lam’s vision thus often delineates the potential of art and cultural exchanges in bridging global understanding. She has consistently served as a beacon of multicultural dialogue, fostering an inclusive environment that breaks down cultural barriers. Her carefully curated exhibitions stand as platforms for stimulating dialogue, nurturing a deeper grasp of the intricate ties interweaving diverse cultural stories.

Elevating Western Artists In Asia

Through her commitment to fostering cross cultural exchange, Pearl Lam also represents a diverse portfolio of Western artists at her galleries in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Amongst them are Philip Colbert, a Scottish- born artist who is known for his cartoon lobster persona. Colbert describes his alter-ego as “a cartoon contemporary protagonist of surrealism”.

Pearl Lam also represents British artist Sam Cox, whose characteristic and imaginative doodles have earned millions of online followers for her alter ego ‘Mr Doodle’. Mr Doodle’s 2023 exhibition, Mr Doodle in Space, was hosted by Pearl Lam Galleries and invites visitors to join Mr and Mrs Doodle as they travel through various whimsical worlds in space.

In 2023, Pearl Lam also announced the representation of Maggi Hambling, who is regarded as a national treasure and an institution in the United Kingdom, where amongst her many famous works are her Sculpture for Mary Wollstonecraft in North London. Pearl Lam will exhibit Maggi Hambling in a solo exhibition in Pearl Lam Galleries in March 2024.

For these and also the many other Western artists that Pearl Lam works with, Pearl provides a platform into the rich and vibrant Chinese and Asian markets, where collectors place great emphasis on Pearl’s patronage.

Addressing Accessibility in the Art World

Ground-breaking gallery experiences combined with her boldness in steering clear from the conventional path whilst presenting captivating themed shows are why Pearl Lam is still regarded as a maverick. She invites viewers into an interactive realm, fostering a dialogue, and promoting discovery and engagement thanks to truly avant-garde curators and bold and inventive artists.

Pearl Lam has cemented her position as a doyenne of contemporary art.

Yet behind this is a gallerist who, having broken Western precepts about Chinese contemporary art, is also acutely aware of the barriers that can prevent the next generation of artists from breaking through. Pearl Lam has spoken on the subject of ‘inclusivity in the art world’ at events hosted in the USA and United Kingdom by The FT, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse.

In 2023 Pearl Lam also wrote for Forbes about the importance of adjusting to a more inclusive global art market; noting how the changing global tides mean that the art world must always adapt and evolves. Pearl points out that younger consumers and influencers are now supporting growth as new and emerging artists use Instagram and TikTok to build their brands.

She says that whilst this shift toward a more inclusive market can only be a good thing, the wider art market remains clustered around an established small cohort of artists. Globally the art market is ‘top heavy’. Of $68 billion of annual art sales; auction house sales of works for over $1m account for over 75% of all sales proceeds but represent only 4% of lots sold.

Pearl Lam points out that even whilst shifts to digitisation and influencers makes art more inclusive, the clustering of interest around a cohort of well-established artists has implications for inclusivity in the art world. Pearl says that when value is too concentrated on master works, it makes young artists from underserved or non-traditional backgrounds think that the market is impenetrable as a way to be successful and make a living.

Pearl Lam has long said that art should not require an ‘explanation’ card. Previously the market took it for granted that people had to understand art. This was a very Western European centric view — that understanding why a piece is good required study. This also excluded a lot of people and buyers.

As the art market has become more multifaceted and storytelling focused, Pearl says that a market that (mostly) sells static pictures and images must adjust to a video and TikTok obsessed generation and tell stories.

Pearl also point out the role of brand collaborations in making contemporary art more accessible. When her eponymous gallery signs younger artists, brand collaborations can add value by supporting more democratisation. They often also mean new clients ‘coming in’ from outside of the art world, sometimes thanks to just one artist collaboration.

By initiating panel discussions, artist talks, podcasts and interviews, Pearl Lam consistently invites a broader audience to what is often perceived as an elite and exclusive art world. These interactions catalyse an exchange of ideas, fostering an accessible and inclusive art community.

A Doyenne of Contemporary Art

Today Pearl Lam is today regarded as a doyenne of the global contemporary art scene and as one of the most instantly-recognisable art dealers in the world. Jan Dalley at The Financial Times calls her “a powerhouse of the contemporary art world”. Ted Loos at The New York Times calls her ‘a tour de force of the art world”.

This is in no small part because for more than two decades Pearl Lam has persistently metamorphosed art narratives. Her eclectic curation resounds in the diverse categories that her galleries embrace and the cross-disciplinary exchange that they consistently foster.

Today Pearl Lam is a doyenne of the global contemporary art scene.

Myriad noteworthy exhibitions stand in testament to Pearl Lam’s visionary flair. “Where does it all begin? Contemporary Abstract Art in Asia and the West” (2013) uniquely placed major artists from the USA and China, Europe and Indonesia, side by side, to explore and reveal the power of abstract art today and exploded the myth that contemporary art from Asia was dependent on Western art, whilst simultaneously revealing and celebrating the complex dialogue between Western and Asian abstract art.

“Slippages” (2017) asked “What forms of communication, miscommunication, intimacy, and exchange will ensue?” by focusing on themes such as “reflecting on” or “being concerned with” amidst a practice of mental attitudes and visual tricks. The exhibition emphasised the critical importance of its apparatus of display so that viewers were not merely looking at artwork but were also physically experiencing contemporary art.

“The Shape Of Time” (2023) explored how time becomes an important factor during an artist’s creative process. All six exhibiting artists had been exposed to both Eastern and Western influences, and used their own interpretation and from their life experiences to express their own personal narrative styles and artistic languages.

Pearl Lam’s stature as a gallerist, patron and curator thus goes far beyond her artistic abilities or taste. It lies in her incessant pursuit to disrupt, redefine and amplify artistic boundaries. Her unyielding aspiration to curate the unconventional, debunk stereotypes, and advocate uninhibited artistic exchange underscores her status in contemporary art. And Pearl shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Life as an Understated Entrepreneur

Nearly thirty years into her career and with a name that has become synonymous with innovation and revolution, Pearl Lam has turned traditional art norms upside-down. With a disruptive entrepreneurial profile that is more synonymous with Silicon Valley, Lam’s distinctive entrepreneurial journey has been characterised by a relentless quest.

Never constrained by geographical boundaries or societal expectations, Pearl Lam has embraced a global perspective that has significantly shaped her unique and innovative approach to art and to building a global brand.

Pearl Lam’s advice to aspiring gallerists reflects this refreshing perspective. She firmly believes that a successful gallerist won’t be deterred by unsuccessful ventures or a series of rejections. Instead, they’ll view these setbacks as stepping-stones to refinement and growth.

Pearl Lam has also been vocal that managing an art gallery not only requires a deep passion for art but also sound business and management skills. She mandates that any journey within the art world must stem from personal curiosity and individuality; as is evident in her distinctive exhibitions that seamlessly integrate Asian and Western art.

Pearl Lam’s personal passion and willingness to break stereotypes have truly set her gallery apart and this underlies her commercial success.Her journey from a passionate art lover to a successful international gallerist is a vivid illustration of her advice that a resilient spirit, an adaptable approach and a deep personal curiosity are hallmarks of success not just in the art world but in the business realm in general.

Having rarely highlighted her entrepreneurial verve before, in 2023 Pearl Lam has revolved to become a more vocal champion of entrepreneurship, championing the virtues of self-belief and the power of individuality and continuous learning, especially in younger generation.

The storyline of Pearl Lam’s success unfolds a truth from the art world that also applies for anyone seeking success in other realms: it’s about the raw passionate spirit, the unpredictability, the risks, and most importantly, the opportunity to learn, grow and create your own path.

The Pearl Lam Podcast is a new anchor for this attribute of the Pearl Lam story in an ever-evolving world, where the only way to stay ahead is to keep learning and adapting. Pearl Lam’s own experiences serve as a motivating guide to encourage others to follow their own path.

The Pearl Lam Podcast

Pearl Lam launched The Pearl Lam Podcast, which is available on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple, in late 2023. The podcast builds upon her global platform as she embraces her role as an advocate and champion of those who are unafraid to challenge convention.

The Pearl Lam Podcast takes followers on a journey of raw and intimate conversations as Pearl Lam sets out in each episode to inspire, educate and disrupt conventional ways of thinking alongside some of the world’s brightest talents. Each episode spotlights established or emerging voices who themselves have shown an unwavering determination and commitment to follow their own convictions.

Introducing Pearl Lam With Rebecca Jones

Pearl Lam speaks to Rebecca Jones for The Pearl Lam Podcast.

Episode one of The Pearl Lam Podcast turns the tables as Rebecca Jones, who was the BBC’s Arts Correspondent for over twenty years, interviews Pearl Lam about her achievements during her long career.

Pearl discloses her earliest experiences in the art world and the staunch opposition which she faced from her parents. She addresses her label as a ‘disruptor’ and highlights how we can all rebel against homogenous culture.

Pearl also discusses the role of Chinese art, with its roots in Chinese traditions and philosophy, and how it reacts to Western ideas to create a new dynamic.

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

The Pearl Lam Podcast: Introducing Pearl Lam With Rebecca Jones

A Black History of Art

Pearl Lam and Alayo Akinkugbe film an episode of The Pearl Lam Podcast.

In episode two, Pearl Lam sits down with A Black History Of Art Founder Alayo Akinkugbe to discuss subjects including education curriculums; African art communities and the issue of ‘cultural colonisation’.

Alayo Akinkugbe, a History of Art graduate from Cambridge University, reveals that her perspective on what art is changed as she learned about black artists. Pearl Lam’s view that ‘art has no passport’ further guides discussion as both women agree that colour, passport and race are irrelevant to one’s ability to create contemporary art.

In the episode, Alayo and Pearl Lam also discuss how Alayo’s University course had not included any African artists; so Alayo created her Instagram page in order to put the spotlight on African artists and their artwork.

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· Drawing the forgotten map of African Art.

· The need to break away from the monolithic idea of ‘blackness’.

· The need for more physical art galleries in Africa.

· Why intra-African understanding is important in Art.

· Why we should champion black artists.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: A Black History Of Art With Alayo Akinkugbe

The Journey to Michelin Stardom

Pearl Lam with Stephanie Le Quellec.

Episode three of The Pearl Lam Podcast sees Pearl Lam interview two-Michelin-Starred Chef, Stephanie Le Quellec in Paris. The pair discuss the importance of hard work, sacrifice and teamwork when building a high end career.

During the episode mother-of-two Stephanie Le Quellec also discusses the importance of balancing a high-end career with family life; and explains why she chooses to close her restaurant at weekends to give her staff a healthy balance between family life and career.

Talking about her journey to being awarded two Michelin Stars, Le Quellec says: “You have to work very hard and never give up. Even if you are very talented, if you don’t have that determination, you can’t succeed. But when you do it’s so beautiful.”

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· Why entrepreneurship and success require perseverance.

· How to balance family life with a successful career.

· Why we must make an effort to include more women in the arts and hospitality industries.

· Why venturing in to the digital and television world can advance your career.

·Why creativity is the key ingredient to success.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: The Journey To Michelin Stardom With Stéphanie Le Quellec

The Fine Art of Architecture

Episode four of The Pearl Lam Podcast features British designer and architect, Thomas Heatherwick, who argues that public art is too often a compensation for boring buildings. Pearl Lam says that art in public spaces is important for cultivating diverse audiences and engaging the next generation; but Heatherwick contends that when it comes to art in the public realm, artists are too often fulfilling a diminished role of producing adornments to make an otherwise too plain, too flat, too shiny setting become seemingly acceptable.

Heatherwick proposes that artists should be more involved in the design of beautiful buildings and public realm rather than being happily occupied making low-risk separate interventions to detract from boring building design. But Pearl believes that artists are not interested in fulfilling the role of designers by making practical and functional things; and that having artwork in the public realm does not diminish or discourage any architect from making refined and beautiful buildings and spaces.

During the podcast episode, Pearl Lam and Thomas Heatherwick also discuss his book ‘Humanise,’ and his mission to persuade architects and developers to create buildings that connect with human emotions.

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· Why architecture should be more considerate of the feelings of everyday people.

· Why there is more than meets the eye behind the London buses.

· The similarities between fast fashion and fast architecture.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: The Fine Art Of Architecture With Thomas Heatherwick

Mr Doodle in Space

Artist Sam Cox (Mr Doodle) and Pearl Lam record The Pearl Lam Podcast.

Episode five of The Pearl Lam Podcast features Sam Cox, who is best known as Mr Doodle, at the opening of his highly anticipated solo exhibition ‘Mr Doodle in Space.’

Mr Doodle has grown an impressive Instagram following of nearly three million followers. Inspired as a young boy by cartoons and video games and encouraged by his parents and his high school art teacher, Morgan Davies — who is now the artist’s full-time Creative Director — Mr Doodle has transformed doodling into a recognised and celebrated contemporary art form, capturing millions of hearts and minds across the world.

Pearl Lam describes how ‘Mr Doodle in Space’ invites visitors to join Mr and Mrs Doodle as they travel through various whimsical worlds in space. Viewers are invited to find out whether Mr & Mrs Doodle and their faithful companion Doodle Dog make it back to DoodleLand before Mr Doodle’s evil twin, Dr Scribble, eradicates doodles from the universe.

For Pearl Lam, being able to bring Mr Doodle’s work to Hong Kong is a milestone in solidifying her commitment to promoting innovative artistic expressions, and establishing her eponymous gallery as one of the premier destinations for contemporary art.

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· The impact that schoolteachers have on your adult life.

· How childhood hobbies shape your career.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: Mr Doodle in Space

Pablo Picasso 50 Years On

Episode six of The Pearl Lam Podcast features Sydney Picasso, relative of the infamous Pablo Picasso. Sydney Picasso is a writer of modern and contemporary art, archaeology, style and is also the daughter-in-law of the famed artist, Pablo Picasso.

Pablo Picasso’s constant experimentation and innovation across painting, sculpture and ceramics transformed both the creation and meaning of art in profound ways. It was, however, his passion for drawing and writing that served as the foundation of much of his work.

Sydney Picasso says: “Picasso did a lot of things that we only discovered after he died. We found volumes of writing, both in sketchbooks and manuscripts. He was obsessed with writing, and some of it is truly amazing.”

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· Is artistic talent learnt or inherited?

· The legacy of Pablo Picasso.

·Pablo Picasso’s long and prolific career and how his style, techniques and artistic expression have shaped modern art.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: Pablo Picasso 50 Years On

What Makes A Woman Beautiful?

Episode seven of The Pearl Lam Podcast features celebrity hairstylist, Kim Robinson. Renowned celebrity hairstylist Kim Robinson takes centre stage in this episode of The Pearl Lam Podcast and sheds a unique perspective on what he believes makes a woman beautiful.

As the visionary who has had his hands on the hair of some of the world’s most incredible women including Kate Moss, Anita Mui, and the late Princess Diana; Kim Robinson opens up about his extraordinary journey from the farmlands of Western Australia to the dazzling lights of Hong Kong.

Having revolutionised the perception of hairdressing in Hong Kong and Asia, Kim Robinson has become an icon in his own right. Pearl Lam and Kim delve into the fascinating aspects of his career, spanning over 50 years. The conversation unveils the secrets behind Robinson’s success, sharing anecdotes of his encounters with global celebrities and shedding light on what it takes to become one of the world’s most sought-after and expensive hair stylists.

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· What makes a woman beautiful?

· The perception of hairdressing in Hong Kong and Asia.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

Empowering Women Through Food And Art

Episode seven of The Pearl Lam Podcast features talented chef, Zahra Khan. Originally from Pakistan, Zahra Khan was just a young girl when she started baking. Finding refuge in creativity, she pushed back against the pressures and expectations within her culture to follow a traditional career.

Instead, she followed her own path and combined her love for baking and art and opened one of London’s most Instagram-able eateries, Feya Café. In this episode Pearl Lam and Zahra chat about the challenges of becoming a successful entrepreneurial chef in a male dominated industry and why Zhara is determined empower young women and reduce gender disparity.

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· The importance of empowering women through food and art.

· Breaking barriers.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: Empowering Women Through Food and Art

Exploring African Philosophical Systems

Episode eight of the Pearl Lam Podcast features philosopher Olukemi Lijadu. In this episode of The Pearl Lam Podcast, guest, Olukemi Lijadu delivers an articulate take on the dismissal of African philosophy within Western academia.

Being born in Nigeria and educated in both the UK and US, Olukemi has a multicultural background that reflects her broad range of interests and talents.

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· Campaigning to decolonise the curriculum.

· African philosophy.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: Exploring African Philosophical Systems

How To Build The Courage To Invest

Episode nine of the Pearl Lam Podcast features financial whizz, Maaike Doyer. In this episode, Maaike Doyer tells Pearl Lam why she believes women need the courage to invest and offers a compelling perspective regarding women in the venture capital and entrepreneurial landscape.

During this enlightening conversation Pearl and Maaike delve into the complexities of entrepreneurship, venture capital, and the limitless potential of women in the global business landscape. With insights drawn from Maaike’s pioneering work and unwavering commitment, this episode is a thought-provoking exploration of leadership and innovation.

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· Why we need to build up women’s courage to invest.

· The venture capital world.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: How to Build the Courage to Invest

How French Culture Conquered The World

Episode ten of the Pearl Lam Podcast features esteemed journalist Judith Benhamou. Judith Benhamou shares her reflections on the essence of French identity in the year 2024. For Benhamou, the art of being French transcends mere nationality: it embodies an openness of mind and a dedication to cultural enrichment without being “shallow”.

Through her ‘Judith Benhamou Reports’ blog, Judith has access to the most influential professionals in the art world, presenting interviews with artists, both recognized and up and coming, and offering an insider perspective on fairs and exhibition openings, exclusive videos, and unconventional visits to sites of artistic creation across the globe.

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· Exploring the true meaning of French culture today.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: How French Culture Conquered the World

Maggi Hambling: The Night

Episode eleven of the Pearl Lam Podcast features the infamous artist Maggi Hambling. In this episode, Pearl Lam sits down with acclaimed British artist Maggi Hambling for a revealing discussion about Maggi’s life and career ahead of the launch of Maggi Hambling: The Night, a solo exhibition by Maggi Hambling at Pearl Lam Galleries.

They delve into topics including Maggi and Louisa’s joint stint on 1980s gameshow Gallery, and Maggi’s exploration of the seduction and intimacy. Maggi shares insightful new stories and anecdotes from throughout her life and career from childhood to the present day; describes how the night time has been an enduring subject, having first painted the night sky from her bedroom window at age fourteen.

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· Why the night sky has been a continuous source of inspiration for Hambling.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: Maggi Hambling: The Night

Artificial Intelligence Versus Humanity

Episode twelve of the Pearl Lam Podcast features AI expert Suhair Khan. In this episode of The Pearl Lam Podcast, Suhair Khan shares her thoughts on artificial intelligence and the positive influence that it is having on art, creativity and education. For Suhair, the inception of modern AI has changed what it means to be human.

Suhair and Pearl Lam also discuss how AI can be used in relation to education and environmental sustainability. Built off the back of extraction, industrialisation and manufacturing, can the technology industry really benefit the planet in the future?

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· The future of work with artificial intelligence.

· The role of artificial intelligence in the creative industry.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: Artificial Intelligence Versus Humanity

L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts

Episode thirteen of the Pearl Lam Podcast features Managing Director France — Europe of L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts, Élise Gonnet-Pon. L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts is deeply committed to inclusivity and a profound love for the realm of jewelry.

Their dialogue highlights the institution’s dedication to preserving the rich heritage of craftsmanship while embracing modernity and inclusiveness. Through their exchange, the timeless allure of jewelry craftsmanship emerges as a universal pursuit.

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· Is jewelry an art form?

· The role of jewelry in the modern world.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts

Orchid Diplomacy

Episode fourteen of the Pearl Lam Podcast features botanical designer John Lim. In this episode, John Lim shares his reflections on Singaporean culture and the role of plants in influencing his unexpected career change.

John Lim is the founder of This Humid House, a botanical design studio founded in Singapore that is committed to developing a language expressed through plants and flowers.

Amongst the many subjects and themes covered in the episode are:

· The connection between floristry design and contemporary art

· Dissecting cultural influences, differences and similarities.

The Pearl Lam Podcast: Orchid Diplomacy

The Legacy Of Pearl Lam

The global art world has seen big transformations since Pearl Lam first entered it nearly thirty years ago. These changes, marked by global expansion, a fusion of technology and art, increased support for new media forms, and a blending of contemporary art and design, have all been navigated masterfully by Pearl in her own idiosyncratic style.

Pearl Lam Galleries has become a global platform for artists.

Pearl Lam hasn’t merely witnessed the evolving art scene; she has continuously served as a trailblazer who has led and influenced the changes, with an uncanny ability to adapt and thrive amidst fluctuating landscapes. Her influence has helped to extend the reach of Chinese contemporary art to a global scale, and has prompted a richer and broader understanding and appreciation of its unique nuances.

Her readiness to adopt technology and foster new media art has showcases her progressive thinking. Under her leadership, Pearl Lam Galleries has transformed into a global recognised platform for artists who are eager to explore and experiment with new forms of artistic expression.

Pearl Lam’s most remarkable feat has been her ability to bridge the gap between contemporary art and design. She has successfully initiated vital cultural conversations through this fusion, emphatically leaving her imprint on the dynamic art world’s canvas, most recently through her “A Thousand Layers of Stomach” exhibition, where artists explored the future of resources in the age of globalization.

Pearl Lam continues to be an indomitable force in the art world, and continues to draw a fuller, richer perspective on art in all its evolving forms. Her tireless efforts have not only reshaped the global viewpoint of Chinese contemporary art but also created crucial platforms for worldwide cross-cultural dialogue and discourse in these ever-changing times.

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