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Client: OneLoop

Jul 5 · 3 min read

Project: Website UX/UI + Branding

About the company

OneLoop sets the precedent in the digital audio industry by creating limitless opportunities for artists, labels, digital streaming platforms and brands from around the world, enabled by domain expertise and an innovative tech-enabled marketplace.

The Challenge

OneLoop is a unique platform that had to be clearly communicated to various creators such as independent music artists, podcast creators, production houses and so on. The challenge here was to create a premium website and an impactful visual identity that matched their offerings across all their platforms. We had to also ensure that their work is not seen similar to the other players in the music industry in the market.

Our process


The first part was to understand the requirements and the market that it caters to. This also involved the identification of different players in the same segment and the potential pain points faced in the industry.


On clearly understanding the vision of the founder, and the problem OneLoop is trying to solve, we defined the user base for the brand. We realized that age-segment that is usually keen on signing up with the brand is from 18–50 years old. This helped us create a demographic and personas of the target segment.

In understanding the brand audience which consists of artists, publishers, and brands we moved towards designing the brand identity which clearly represents the industry and makes the brand memorable. Once the brand was established we utilized the same to create the website designs.


The primary colour tones we chose for the OneLoop brand were bright blue, bright purple and black. These colours represent the rebellious nature of music along with the sophistication of it. We carried these accents across the website with a clean and minimal look that communicated the right message across to our audience — a highly sophisticated and functional website with a neat, intuitive and clutter-free interface.

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