Signs a Cancer Man Doesn’t Like You

Alice Florence
Jul 8 · 4 min read
signs a cancer man doesn’t like you image
signs a cancer man doesn’t like you image

What are the signs a cancer man doesn’t like you? Can you be sure if a Cancer guy is into you or simply being nice? He’s quite easy to understand if you take notice. There exist things to watch out for that will assist you determine his intention. Keep reading the article beneath for signals a Cancer guy isn’t interested in you.

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Signs a Cancer Man Doesn’t Like You

Nice but Unpredictable

When a Cancer guy is not interested in you, he can be flirty, nice, and appear as if he might be into you however he will not follow up.

He’llwill want to meet up with you but just as a friend or simply for a hookup. Then he will flake out or he will probably never proceed to ask you out.

He will not send you a text message or he will be rather short with his replies to your texting.

In the event that he is talking to you about fun things to do or cool places to go, he may simply be making small talk. Obviously, if he flakes out after he asks you to do something sometimes, then it’s a good signal he is not into it.

He is really good at pulling back into his shell or hiding out when he is aware of a girl has an interest in him but he is not into her.

Does He Like You or just being Considerate?

The cancer guy is an extremely nice person and very popular for advice. However, a lot of women take his niceness to imply that he is interested in more. Most of the time he isn’t. He is simply accomplishing what comes naturally and the girl misunderstands his intentions.

To determine if he likes you before going out with him, you must ask yourself: Is he a co-worker that is just nice to speak to? Was he helping you with something?

Women get turned on by guys who are nice and helpful. It does not imply he likes you though.

If he has been nice to you and has suggested to hang out with you, it may simply imply he wants to be friends. He usually does have female friends since he understands girls.

It might appear like he is leading you on however he isn’t doing it deliberately. He is indeed a nice gentleman and often he is just perceived in the wrong manner because he does not want to make you feel bad or hurt you.

Dating Secretly

If a Cancer guy spends time with you together but does not introduce you to anyone or take you anywhere, you are only a friend. Cancer males do usually have friends with benefits and will reserve their total commitment to the right woman. If he isn’t taking you out to meet his family, friends, or co-workers. He isn’t into you.

Never think that if you’ve sex with him, it’ll make him want you as a lover. That’s not exactly how he operates. If he wants to be with you and cares for you, he won’t keep you a secret.

Keeping you a secret to anybody indicates you aren’t his girlfriend and never likely to end up being his girlfriend either. He is great at keeping secrets as well if he has actually married or currently in a relationship.

Not There For You

Cancer males like to help individuals who require help. On the other hand, in the event that though he has helped you a few times, he is beginning to flake out; he is making it clear to you that he has done.

If he’s been dating you but has stopped investing in the effort; he is done. He stops investing in effort when he feels things aren’t working.

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Signs a Cancer Man Doesn’t Like You by Alice Florence

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