How to Make a Cancer Man Chase You? 7 Effective Tips

Alice Florence
Jul 8 · 4 min read
how to make a cancer man chase you image
how to make a cancer man chase you image

Wondering how to make a cancer man chase you? A Cancer man will not chase after anyone lightly because he takes relationships very seriously. He isn’t searching for a fling or a casual date. He is seeking a potential spouse for life-long.

On the other hand, even if he locates somebody that may be the right person, his natural shyness can prevent him from chasing her. Therefore, it is hard to get to know him.

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How to Make a Cancer Man Chase You?

In order to learn how to get a Cancer man to chase you, you should understand what he is seeking in a potential partner and what he finds attractive.

A Cancer man finds a lady who’s complicated and strong irresistible. He doesn’t mind a girl who is struggling with difficult emotions. In fact, these kinds of difficult emotions stimulate his nurturing side and his desire to take care of somebody. He values intensity and loyalty, and he also desires somebody that will take a relationship as seriously as he will.

A Cancer man is a little shy naturally. Although he may have a tough exterior, however, he is sensitive on the inside and doesn’t want to risk being rejected. He’s drawn to strong women. Therefore if you would like him to chase you, you need to strike a balance between being approachable and showing your strength.

Be humble and confident simultaneously

Your self-confidence is definitely the key to attracting him, and It is your humility that makes you approachable.

Humility and confidence might appear to be they’re opposite traits, however, they are really not. In fact, they often times go together. A person who’s certain of herself will know and accept her shortcomings and flaws with grace and ease. Lots of individuals who are on the top professions are very modest and they generally have a self-effacing humorousness.

You can accomplish this balance by taking an honest look at your flaws and strengths.

1. Dress properly

A Cancer man desires a companion who takes relationships as seriously as he does. He wants someone who’s trustworthy and responsible. He won’t be impressed by the most recent styles or by somebody that dresses too young for her age.

He’ll instantly lose interest in you if you have intentionally messy hair or ripped jeans. A conservative appearance is way better. Deeper colors are often more appealing to him than pastels.

3. Let him know your story

A Cancer man wants to know everything about you. He wants to know who you really are. Be truthful with him. Don’t be frightened to share with him the difficult parts of your life or perhaps the things that you’re embarrassed with.

Your struggles can make you even more attractive to him because he wants someone that he can care for. In return, pay attention to his story with a sympathetic ear. He’ll value somebody that shows concern for him too.

4. Show your attraction for him

Due to the nature of the Cancer men, women usually place them in the “friend zone.” Therefore, if you’re really drawn to a Cancer man, don’t play coy or “hard to get.” with him. Let him know that you are interested in him. This can provide him the confidence to pursue you without the fear of rejection.

5. Ask him about his family and tell him about your

In figuring out if a relationship has long-term potential, a Cancer guy would want to discover how you’ll fit into his family and how he’ll fit into yours. He’ll wish to introduce you to his family in the early stages of the relationship. He’ll like to meet your family too.

Do your very best to get along with his family.

6. Discuss plans for future years

A Cancer man wants to know that you take it seriously in the relationship. So, talking and planning for your future together can show that you are serious.

You can talk about your hopes and dreams, or talk about things like starting a household and your opinions about having kids. Be practical and realistic when discussing plans for the future.

7. Help him practically

A Cancer guy is usually doing things for other individuals. It is a part of his nature, and in case he isn’t, his more negative characteristics will show up. However, when other individuals don’t reciprocate his generous and kind nature, he can end up depleted and become bitter. One good approach to help him is to do nice things for him.

Although a Cancer guy needs emotional support, practical support is actually better for him. Doing practical stuff like cleaning his house, cooking for him, cheering him on with his goals can show him how much you care for him.

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How to Make a Cancer Man Chase You? 7 Effective Tips by Alice Florence

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