I’m the world’s greatest detective, and tonight I’ll be doing the Hamlet.

Young man in suspenders smokes a pipe thoughtfully.

Here I find myself, snowed in at a Rocky Mountain chateau with seven total strangers: an aging socialite, a Russian cosmonaut and likely KGB agent, his mistress (also an acclaimed Bolshoi ballerina), the world’s second-greatest jewel thief, a Texarkana oil baron with a bounty on his head, a seductive Czech…

Become a better you without the hassle of actually reading a book!

You want to self-improve right now, so don’t waste time reading books! I skimmed a bunch of self-help books in the bathroom at Barnes and Noble and summarized their main message. You can trust my summaries, because I’m…

Some of us can still separate an artist and his art.

No one cares more about the #MeToo movement than me. I even tweeted at Alyssa Milano once. As a bona fide supporter of #MeToo, I feel deeply for Kevin Spacey’s victims, especially that one guy, I think his name is Tommy or maybe Tristan, who got famous by starring in…

Ryan Weber

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