Syntropy + Elrond: Official Technical Integration

Combining resources to have Elrond validators run performance-optimized and secure infrastructure using Syntropy.

Jonas Simanavicius
4 min readFeb 22, 2021

We’re very excited to unveil a collaboration with Elrond to enable and encourage their validators to use Syntropy technology to run secure, performance-optimized node infrastructure.

By working together, the Elrond validator community now has priority access to Syntropy Stack, the technology that makes it easy to build on our network.

Syntropy is the ideal technology for building, deploying, and managing blockchain infrastructure. Since validators are the most sensitive backbone of blockchains, using our technology to further strengthen their infrastructure is a high priority.

By using Syntropy, Elrond validators will be able to:

  • Spin-up nodes quickly and simply — Our tech automatically orchestrates the needed infrastructure and configures monitoring solution using Prometheus and Grafana. This simplifies management for existing validators, but also makes its easier for non-technical audiences to become Elrond node operators.
  • Better secure their infrastructure — Connections between validators and bastion/monitoring nodes are secure by default as they are encrypted with WireGuard. No outsiders can reach the validator node’s control port.
  • Boost performance and reliability — Connections are automatically optimized for best performance when riding on the Syntropy network. This better secures the Elrond network and also helps validators maintain their reputation.
Watch the Elrond+Syntropy integration in action.

Creating node infrastructure can be cumbersome. With our technology, the network layout for an Elrond+Syntropy set-up is remarkably simple.

Click here to follow the Syntropy+Elrond integration on GitHub.

Syntropy simplifies Elrond validator infrastructure while making it more secure and reliable.

For experienced validators, Syntropy provides a solution that abstracts the connection and encryption process to a level where they’re able to focus on building components, relying on our technology to orchestrate and automate the connections necessary for the node to become viable.

By equipping average node runners with orchestration tools that are typical for professional operators, Syntropy can potentially help with retaining high Validator availability and security while the Elrond Network grows further decentralized. We’re looking forward to seeing the outcome of the public tests.” — Lucian Mincu, Elrond CIO

Without Syntropy, validator runners must handle firewall security, availability, monitoring, secure infrastructure, and much more. By integrating automation and monitoring tools, Syntropy makes this process a breeze, even for beginners.

Syntropy gives Elrond validators greater visibility and control over their infrastructure.

In blockchain, the consistency and reputation of nodes are paramount. If a node double-signs a transaction or goes dark, their stake can be slashed. Given the importance of building and maintaining node reputation, using Syntropy’s performance-optimization, secure-by-default, and built-in monitoring and automation tools is a clear choice for the Elrond validator community.

Working together

We are now providing Elrond node runners with priority access to Syntropy Stack so they can get onboarded into our ecosystem immediately. We have developed tailored Ansible and Terraform scripts to make it even easier for the community to get involved.

We’ve been super impressed with the Elrond team and their Validators community. We look forward to supporting them with tools that will allow any node runner to compete with professionals in terms of availability and management.” — Jonas Simanavicius, Syntropy CTO

The first Elrond validators are joining now. Given the advantages of using our technologies together, we’re aiming to onboard as many Elrond validators as possible, expanding the number and diversity of their node community while further improving the security and performance of their network.

Want to start using Syntropy as an Elrond validator? Register for access here, and we’ll send you a follow-up email to get started. We have also set up a dedicated Discord channel for Elrond validators.

Syntropy as the default network layer for blockchain

We are now scaling the Syntropy-connected ecosystem and expect hundreds more integrations to be launched this year, providing plug-and-play adoption opportunities for nearly anything that relies on an internet connection, including critical blockchain infrastructure like Chainlink, Polkadot, and Elrond.

Our focus on blockchain is greater than ever. Not only are we pushing to become the default layer for building blockchain infrastructure, but will deliver a way to facilitate secure, optimized connections for the world’s infrastructure and devices in a fully decentralized way.

Click here to learn why the blockchain industry needs solutions like Syntropy.

Want to start building? Request access to our tech stack to get started. Questions? Reach out via Telegram. And be sure to monitor our Twitter for upcoming announcements.