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Syntropy Launches Polkadot Integration

A step forward in making Syntropy the default network for building critical blockchain infrastructure.

Today we’re excited to announce the new Syntropy+Polkadot integration, an important step forward in making our technology the default network for building blockchain infrastructure.

Click here to follow Syntropy+Blockchain integrations on GitHub.

This integration builds on work already done by the Web3 Foundation for creating secure validators, but provides other unique benefits for the Polkadot community, including:

  • Easy node set-up—Node creation is often costly and complex. With Syntropy, that process gets reduced to a few simple commands, with automation tools doing a lot of the heavy lifting. For example, there is no need to set up complex IPTables rules since Syntropy is based on the principle of least privilege. This means that even non-technical members of the Polkadot community can become validators. Existing validators can use Syntropy to streamline their operations and reduce risk.
  • More participation—Easier node set-up results in more nodes being created. The viability of distributed blockchain systems requires a wide, diverse distribution of validators. Syntropy strengthens Polkadot’s viability by accelerating the creation of nodes anywhere in the world.
  • Increased security—A greater number of Polkadot nodes increases the network’s security itself, but our technology brings additional advantages. When validators use Syntropy, the infrastructure for supporting the validator is connected securely through WireGuard tunnels, encrypting connections by default. Additionally, each node can take advantage of Syntropy’s smart-routing system, which dynamically routes around congestion, outages, and censorship, helping ensure reliable communication between nodes.


Syntropy can help accelerate the adoption of blockchain technologies while mitigating some of its biggest weaknesses.

  1. Right now, it’s too hard for most people to become validators. Those that already run nodes still have challenges, especially with monitoring and troubleshooting. Syntropy Stack lets blockchains expand their node ecosystem faster than currently possible.
  2. If we want layers of decentralized networks and applications to work together in unison to provide critical services to humanity, we need to ensure those systems are highly resilient. By securing every connection with encryption by default, Syntropy contributes to the security of the entire blockchain industry.
  3. Security isn’t the only concern. Downtime for a single component could bring down the entire decentralized system. If a large proportion of nodes are on Amazon, for example, then the blockchain’s performance is at the mercy of Amazon’s uptime. By riding on the Syntropy network, node infrastructure can dynamically use almost every cloud or VPS network on the planet, including community-run nodes, eliminating the blockchain industry’s reliance on a handful of centralized infrastructure operators.

Syntropy Builders

The Syntropy Builders program was announced on January 22 to kickstart ecosystem development. Within 30 days, the program has grown to 50+ builders (DevOps, Network engineers, Backend/Frontend devs, CTOs) with 80+ pending members.

These builders have already contributed more than 20 integrations, which make it easy for a wide variety of technologies to ride on the Syntropy network. Craig Pickard—a creative technologist in NYC and one of our most prolific builders— is responsible for this Syntropy+Polkadot integration.

In addition to the Syntropy+Polkadot integration, this program has produced integrations for:

We are still in early stages for ecosystem expansion, and expect hundreds more integrations to be launched this year, providing plug-and-play adoption opportunities for nearly anything that relies on an internet connection.

Want to start building? Request access to our tech stack to get started. Questions? Reach out via Telegram. And be sure to monitor our Twitter for upcoming announcements.




Syntropy is an open project providing next-generation connectivity technology for the Internet, powered by $NOIA ⚡️

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