Getting Ryanair Compensation Is Easier Than You Can Imagine

If you are not at your destination on time, you should get the Ryanair flight delay compensation. Read this article to get more information about money refunds.

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Ryanair Flight Delays: What We Know So Far

Bob was traveling from Berlin to London with his family. He had heard about Ryanair flight delays but decided to fly in the face of Providence. The statistic is not optimistic. The Ryanair has canceled more than 300 flights. There was a significant probability that the next trip would be delayed.

However, the company promised that more than 80% of scheduled flights would be on time. Bob read that information and bought tickets. He used the particular page to look for the flight delay online. There were no changes in schedule. Recently, Bob received a text message from Ryanair.

It was 30 minutes before the departure, and the message was about more than 90 minutes of a flight delay.

At that time Bob with his family was at the airport. They knew about their rights according to EU 261 legislation. They tried to contact the company representatives to get the refund or be re-routed.

During the time they were waiting they should be provided with two calls or emails, food and drinks, accommodation and transfer to the hotel if needed. They also knew that they need to write a claim to get the compensation.

Keep in mind the following details about potential amount of the compensation:

Compensation Chart

If you are going to come to your destination with a delay more than 3 hours then you should go, or your flight is canceled, you can claim for reimbursement of up to 600 Euro from the airline. This rule is among others in EC Regulation 261/2004.

You Should Know Your Rights

As it was mentioned earlier, the passengers’ rights in case of the flight delay include:

  • hotel accommodation if needed
  • transfer to the hotel if required
  • meals and refreshments
  • two phone calls or emails

All extra things or luxury things will not be refunded. To get the EU 261 compensation, you should fill the claim. You could be confused with all those terms. However, there is a solution to your problems. You can use the Airhelp service, and that company will do all for you. This is a great way to save time and nerves.

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How to Get Ryanair Flight Delay Compensation?

Ryanair guarantees the full refund of the unused flights in the booking. If you decide to use any other kind of transport, the airline will not pay your bills. This decision is under the control of your travel insurance company. You can get Ryanair flight delay compensation (check out our guide: only if your arrival time is more than 3 hours late.

If your flight is delayed for 2 hours and more, you can change the plane; this option is free of charge. To get all of these opportunities you should contact the customer service at the airport ticket desk.

There are some reasons when you are not eligible to get the compensation. These are situations when the airlines can not influence the causes of the flight delays. They are bad weather, political riots, security risks, and airport employees and airlines’ staff strikes.

Bob heard that there are some difficulties in getting the Ryanair flight delay compensation. The compensation guidelines mentioned in EU 261 claim that airlines should pay 250 Euro for 3 hours delay in case of journeys with the length less than 1500 km. This works only for flight delays when the airline is guilty. He decided to get the compensation because of a flight delay.

He knew that during the 2017 year only 14% of passengers who contacted the Ryanair directly got the compensation. Bob decided to use assistance. He filled the claim with the booking details online, and the company did everything for him. After two weeks Bob and his family get the compensation.

Ryanair Flight Cancellation Compensation: Is It Real?

What are the reasons when you can fill out the claim? First of all, the airlines should be under EU legislation, and departure and arriving airports should be in Europe. These rules are ok with Ryanair and Maria’s story. The airline should inform you about the flight cancellation not later than two weeks before the original departure. In this case, you can not get the compensation, but the company should provide you with a refund. If they inform you about cancellation later, you can fill the claim to get both refund and compensation as Maria did. You can write a request and contact Ryanair personally or delegate to do this as a unique service to save time and nerves.

Maria wanted to spend the next winter holidays in Stockholm with her boyfriend. She was looking for the best solution for how to get there from Rome. The flights which are offered by Ryanair seem to be great.

However, she read the article about Ryanair flight cancellations, but unfortunately, she did that after buying the tickets. When it was only one week before departure, she got the email with information about flight cancellation. She was depressed and did not know what to do. Her friend recommends claiming for compensation and refund. Maria did not want to do all the things herself, so she used, special service which deals with flight delays or cancellations.

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Tips and Tricks: Is Ryanair Reliable?

100 000s of passengers had their flights canceled during the previous year. All of them should choose between getting a refund or being re-routed with the alternative trip. They also should check if they are eligible to get compensation as well as the refund.

According to EU 261/2004 legislation, if your flight is canceled, you should get the refund and compensation between £110 and £530.

However, there were a few cases when Ryanair passengers got the email with refusing the compensation possibility. As the spokesman of the company said, this was a mistake, but a lot of passengers were disappointed in Ryanair refund policy and stopped to claim.

Those, who got compensation, should wait to get it about a month. The time for providing the payment should be ten days according to EU legislation. Ryanair guarantee to deal with all problems via using a bot application. They promised that all valid refunds would be paid without any delays.

Moreover, they promised that 80% of the flights the next year would be on time. What of these promises are true, we will see. However, today it is more safely to claim using special services, which will do all for you, instead of arguing directly to Ryanair.

Why Is It not a Good Idea to Claim Compensation Directly to Ryanair?

It is not a good idea to claim compensation to Ryanair directly for many reasons. First of all, you will face bureaucracy. All documentation usually includes a lot of jargon and special terms, and you can be confused. If you use the possibility to claim via, you will fill out the booking details and wait to get the money back.

After the cancellation of more than 2 000 flights during the quite short period of a month and a half, Ryanair starts providing vouchers for those whose flights were canceled. What are those vouchers? Maria has got one. She received a letter where it was mentioned that she is provided with a travel voucher equivalent to 80 pounds.

However, she can use it only for a definite period and for the next booking or other services offered by Ryanair. For one hand, they excused for canceled flight and offered a bonus, but for another side, is it beneficial?

As you see, the Ryanair refund policy is not so customer-friendly. Instead of receiving a voucher you can be denied in getting the refund at all. In such case, you should be extremely persistent to fill Ryanair compensation form one more time or even more times if needed. To get Ryanair compensation for canceled flight is not so easy when you are trying to do that by yourself. Maria used that special online service to avoid troubles. That was a good idea. As Ryanair gets hundreds of refund claims every day, they can be not attentive enough and refuse compensation by mistake.

The research provided by Which? shows that only near 15% of passengers got the refund because of flight cancellation in 2017. The number of approved claims in the first half of 2018 is even worse. You should know laws and legislation to fill the claim form correctly. This will increase your chances to get the compensation.


  • Can I get compensation from Ryanair?

Yes, you can. It is not easy to do that by yourself, but still, you have this opportunity. The compensation can be presented in the form of a travel voucher as it happened to Maria. She got 80 pounds voucher for further journeys. This voucher can be used only within Ryanair services.

  • Can I claim compensation for a delayed flight?

Yes, you can claim. You can check the eligibility for getting the compensation via online services. However, you can claim compensation anyway. You need to fill compensation form with all your booking details and send it Ryanair. Then the airline will decide if you are eligible for getting compensation.

  • Can I get compensation for a delayed flight?

Yes, you can get. If the airline is guilty in flight delay, they should provide you compensation according to EU 261/2004 legislation. You can not get the compensation in some cases such as climate disaster, political unrest, security risks, and staff strikes. In other cases, you should fill the compensation form and wait for the answer.

  • How much compensation do you get for flight delays?

The compensation size depends on the time of flight delay and the distance. Your flight should be delayed more than for 3 hours arrival time to get monetary compensation. According to EU 261/2004 legislation, it can be up to 600 Euro per person. If your flight delay is less than 3 hours your rights to have a call or email, to eat and drink and accommodation should be provided for free.