Air Canada Flight Delay Compensation

Air Canada is one of the most popular airlines operating in Northern America. It might occur, that due to different reasons some flights are cancelled or delayed. In this case, you definitely need some help from professionals. Otherwise, you are risking being dragged into lots of law details trying to prove obvious things, like the mere fact of your right to cancellation compensation from Air Canada.

Luckily, there are some online assistants, who could proceed with the handling of your case and fight for your compensation $700. 
Air Help is pursuing your goals and unburdens you from cumbersome administrative stuff. Just use the intuitive form to inform about the flight details, and the online checker will predict whether you are entitled to compensation from Air Canada.

When you travel by plane, hardly, you think about flight delays. However, life is always unpredictable so air Canada flight delay compensation could be helpful. When air travel takes an unexpected turn, AirHelp can make all the heavy bureaucratic lifting off your hands and pursue flight compensation for you.

We do our best every time, but actually, there are some rules when you can get the compensation. The first rule is that you can get a refund if the reason for the flight delay or cancellation is Air Canada’s fault. The airline company can offer you a voucher to smooth things over while you wait, but still, you can get compensation in such situation too. There are different reasons when you do have or do not have to get a refund. To be sure you can check our unique ‘Check Compensation’ calculator and find the information if you are eligible for reimbursement.

This tool was developed to make your life easier.

Air Canada flight can be under rules of that airline. We need to know some information such as your flight number, email address and some other details to know about your eligibility.

No more headache in your life because of the flight delays. Our professionals know all the details about every law and are ready to help you. The only thing you should do is to fill the form with all the details about your Air Canada delayed or canceled the flight. You will save time and nerves in dealing with an airline company because we will do all of that things for you. We are ready to meet all of your demands, and you will get compensation as soon as possible.

Air Canada Delay Compensation for You if Needed

You can get compensation up to situations. The refund depends on the time of delay, the distance and some other things such as re-routing.

For 5 hours or more delayed flight the company must provide you:

  • Full compensation for the trip
  • Phone calls and e-mail
  • Meals and drinks if needed
  • A full refund for other flights in that same reservation which you can make
  • Accommodation for overnight delayed flights as well as transfer between the airport and the hotel
  • A trip back to your original point of departure (the first airport you departed from)

According to the EC261, you can get one of the following refunds:

  • €600 if your flight was delayed more than 4 hours, but the total distance is more than 3,500 km (or between an EU and non-EU airport)
  • €400 if your flight was delayed 3 hours or more, but the full length is between 1,500 km and 3,500 km (or more than 1,500 km within the EU).
  • €300 if your flight was delayed between 3 and 4 hours
  • €250 if your flight was delayed 3 hours or more, and the total distance is less than 1,500 km

What Should You Do If Your Flight Was Canceled?

What could be worse than the delayed flight? The canceled one. You should change your plans and find a solution. The airline usually provides you with some help. Air Canada, as a rule, rebook you onto the other plane without additional payment. Anyway, you can choose. If that flight does not look good for you, you can ask for further changes. This airline always finds the best idea for every person.

A unique feature ‘Justice and Service’ at AirHelp is developed to assist you in dealing with laws. We are ready to defend your rights according to EC261 legislation. Moreover, we can help if Air Canada does not give you a 2-weeks notice about flight cancellation or re-routing option. You should know your rights, and we will help to keep them.

How about changing your plans? If you want to cancel your flight, you can do that on the Air Canada website. You need to pay a rebooking fee and a handling charge, depending on the type of ticket you have. You should pay the difference if you the card you bought were cheaper. You can rebook your ticket in the same class or higher if there are free seats available.

Delayed Flight with Air Canada? Claim up to $700 in compensation if your flight has been delayed, canceled, or overbooked within the last three years.

Check your Compensation

AirHelp also provides one more useful feature. You can click on ‘Check Compensation’ button if you still have some doubts about if you are eligible to get a refund. An airline can say that the flight was canceled because of “extraordinary circumstances.” However, you should remember that “operational difficulties” and “technical difficulties” are not among them. Anyway, our experts at AirHelp can explain if your canceled Air Canada flight is eligible. You should provide some details such as your email address, flight number and a couple of other things to get the answer.

We told you about “extraordinary circumstances” but what are they? First of all, these are situations which are not under the control of the airline. There could be a lot of them, so we placed here only some, such as lightning strikes, medical emergencies, and strikes by airport or air traffic control staff. However, in the situation of airline staff strikes you should be eligible for getting the refund because the airlines should control their employers.

AirHelp Is Among the Best Services

Do you know how many people suffer from delayed and canceled flights each year? There are almost 9 million of them. However, statistically, about million of them do not know their rights.

Near 5 million of them will ask for the refund that the passengers are eligible for. Almost 70% of travelers feel that they know little about their rights and how to protect them. Our company, AirHelp, is the best solution for those frustrated air passengers. Our professionals are ready to help you with flight disruption because of any obstacles. Air Canada overbooking compensation is also in our list of the situation in which we can be helpful.